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The Incredible Kai Winding--His Official Website

The Official Claudio Slon Website

The Walter Wanderley Pictorial Discography A Henry Mancini Discography
The Work of Claus Ogerman

Discovering João Donato

Remembering Antonio Carlos Jobim

The Salute to Sergio Mendes!

Tribute to Bobby Rosengarden

Jarkko Toivonen's Brazilian Guitar

The Beach Boys on Capitol Records

The Association - A Discography
Appreciating Nick Perito
A Disney Discography
* * *
Album Cover Restoration
The Writings of José Domingos Raffaelli
The Career of Arnaldo DeSouteiro

(For those looking for my non-music site on the 1964 Mattel Allan™ doll)

Music Discographies & Expanded Sites

These sites began their life on the internet in December 1999 and each one has continued to grow and expand to include more and more material since that time.  I have created and personally update and maintain sites on the following musicians: Kai Winding, Claudio Slon, Walter Wanderley, Henry Mancini, João Donato, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Sergio Mendes, Bobby Rosengarden, Claus Ogerman and Jarkko Toivonen.  Since these initial ten discographies went online, I have also added discographies on The Association and on The Beach Boys' years with Capitol Records.  I also run a site dedicated to the jazz critic writings of music historian José Domingos Raffaelli as well as a site on jazz educator and producer Arnaldo DeSouteiro.  Sites belonging to Kai Winding and Claudio Slon are official sites.

What do these sites include?  All musician/composer sites listed below include a complete pictorial discography (most albums have front and backs pictured in a size where detail can be viewed easily)--along with complete listing information including any reissues (import and domestic) which have been available.  LP, CS and CD listings with year and catalog numbers are present.  Where information has been obtained, listings of 7" singles and extended play records (import and domestic) are also included.  An all-recording index - to which a link is supplied on the first page of all musician/composer sites - allows the viewer to easily find an album on which they need information - by clicking on a link which takes them directly to that album's location on the site.  Special note:  AS OF 9/10/06, ALL DISCOGRAPHIES ON BJBEAR7.COM ARE NOW IN RECORD LABEL ORDER AND HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY REWORKED TO REFLECT THIS NEW ORDER!

Most sites include a biography section as well as a videography section where that musician/composer has made appearances on VHS, LD and DVD.  Some artist sites also include a video stills section, which features still photos taken during live concerts or televised performances.  Magazine and newspaper articles written on or about the musician/composer's career are included on many of the sites in easy to use portable document (.pdf) format.  Interviews conducted personally by this webmaster with those who knew and/or worked with the musician/composer featured are an important part of these sites and new interviews are being added on a continuing basis as more contacts are made.  The interviews are an exclusive, distinguishing feature for my sites - they have been an important part of my discographies from the very beginning - unlike other sites which are just now adding them.  Where the sites listed below are designated as "official", I have received the permission, assistance, and cooperation of either the musician who is featured or their surviving spouse or family members in using that designation and term.

In addition to the main features listed above, several sites listed below include an extensive photo section containing career and personal pictures from the musician/composer's life - most of which have never before been seen by the public and which can only be seen here at The Music Discographies at  All music discographies listed below contain NO intrusive advertising of any kind (no banner ads, no cgi or pop-up ads, ads running down the sides of the pages, etc.). 

By the way, if you are wondering why all my discography pages are full-sized and are unlike most websites which use up only a third of your web browser page, it's because I don't believe in wasting precious internet space and bandwidth!  I have an intense pet peeve against any websites that take up only a fraction of the screen you view them on.  Blogs started this entire ridiculous notion that people's eyes only wanted to read so many characters per line, so that and that alone determined how much space the site should take up inside your web browser.  Now, almost all websites - whether they are blogs or not - are doing this.  I say, hogwash!!  I've never heard of something so nonsensical in my entire life.  There will be no wasted space here.  You're going to get nothing but full pages at, from left to right!

Plain text, good quality photos and scans comprise most of what you will see throughout this domain. My sites display well on any computer platform using the most popular web browsers.  For information and examples of how I restore album covers for use on my discographies, please see my section on restoration, here.


B.J. ("beej") Major, your host and webmaster.
Hello and welcome.  Below, I have included the comments of several professionals in the music field regarding the quality of my sites
These sites and discographies are very personal and also mean a great deal to me as I have been following the work of these particular musicians for many years - some of them for 5 decades.

What others are saying about The Music Discographies at

"Ogerman and me…
Barbara, what a work, what a work with your discographies!!
I was a fan of the superb arrangements, orchestrations and music of the genius Claus Ogerman since the sixties at the time that his RCA albums were released in Europe. Here in France, the radio was very keen on these records “Watusi Trumpets” and “Latin Rock”. I remember that a DJ of a main program on the French national radio included each time the track “Watusi Trumpets” during his nightly weekly broadcast and generally he began a part of that broadcast with it.
So, that Ogerman sound was a part of my student life, and I have never forgotten it.
When in the late 90’s and in early 2000, I learned about the mountain of work Claus did in his career through some articles in specialized magazines, I tried to get most of the records I could. It was not always easy, but I did my best.
But in fact, it was in 2004, when I bought a computer, that I discovered the giant effort that Barbara Major did with her discographies. It was really amazing for me when I read the list of all the productions of Ogerman. And since these days of April 2004, I tried days after days, along with my friend Peter Bay, to get most of the CD, LP, EP, singles or 78s and some DVDs in relation to the work of Claus Ogerman.
But without doubt, the efforts of Barbara were an incredible help in that hunting of records. Thank you a million Barbara for all the time you spent to achieve such a brilliant work for us all."
--Serge Elhaïk, Author - "Paul Mauriat - Un vie en bleu"

"What makes a discography special? The quality of research that the writer gives to the musician and his/her body of work. All of the artists on these pages are those who have special meaning for B.J.  Her discographies are singular in their depth--far surpassing commercial sites that present only the U.S. recordings or an incomplete discography.  These discographies give you the history that the artist's own site may forego to focus on current work.  As you browse this site, you'll want to bookmark the pages because B.J. is always expanding the content to give you the most and the most accurate information."
--Leslie J. Pfenninger, Webmaster, On A&M Records; Author, "From Brass To Gold, Volumes I & II"

"Dear BJ – superb sites and a dedication unsurpassed in the world of on-line discographies…… so THANK YOU!  I return to your WW site time and time again! [. . . .]  Kind regards,"
--Rory More O'Donoghue, Bowne International Ltd, London

"Hi BJ - Your website is fantastic and incredibly helpful and informative. Where I am, I am known as the "nut who reads the liner notes" because I know so much pop-history. The particular artists you have chosen here are among my favorites and it's only recently come out to my friends and colleagues that I have any affinity or knowledge of these Greats: they have all regarded me with shock at this, many of them 'hearing' this music for the first time when I put it on and explain as we listen to it, exactly what is happening and how.  How wonderful to find that there are others out there with similar passion and interest.  [. . . .]  In any case, my best to you and thanks for sharing such a wealth of knowledge and passion!"
icholas Chase, Composer (and Professor, California Institute of the Arts)

"I just wanted to personally thank you for all the work you've put into the Henry Mancini section of your website. I'm currently processing a massive collection of scores donated to the New York Public Library by the widow of Joe Reisman, and a solid chunk of the material is from Mancini projects that Reisman produced. Your site is an invaluable source of information as I slog my way through this mountain of scores and papers, so if you're getting a bunch of site traffic from New York, that's the reason. I don't think I'll be finished with the collection until sometime this fall, but when I'm done I'll email you a link to the online finding aid I will eventually produce. Thanks once again and know that your work is appreciated by the professionals." and, in a later email:  "I've completed the processing of the Joe Reisman Scores. [. . . ]  Once again, thank you for [your] excellent website. It was invaluable in the preparation of this finding aid, which in turn will surely be of great assistance to future researchers.  And I've decided you can quote me on that!"
--Matt Snyder, Music Archivist - Wilson Processing Project - The New York Public Library

[. . .] Just wanted to thank you for putting this great resource together; this is definitely something I'll be able to use when helping library patrons interested in those artists. I especially appreciate the extra touches, like the page on album cover restoration.  Great job!
--Greg Sigman, Senior Library Associate, Ohio University Music/Dance Library

"[. . . .]  I hold in high esteem the accuracy of your site(s) and the undulating power you put into producing not only a labor of proper craftsmanship, but a work of love. [. . . .]  To me all of your poems [for Claus Ogerman] read more like love letters, set in lines or verses, than poems, as they don't adhere much to rhyme or rhythm. Especially the one where you present your daily 'routine'. I take them more like little sympathetic stories than poems. I realize that in modern arts poems often don't rhyme or follow a rhythmic pattern, but then those modern ones usually don't make any easily discernible sense at all. And easily discernible sense your works of art (works of love, I'd prefer to say) do make, lying open for anybody who reads them.  [. . . .]  Keep up the good work."

--[The Honorable] Wolfgang Weissbrodt, Berlin, Germany

"Dear B.J., Congrats on some fine discography sites! As a friend of Claudio [Slon], I can really appreciate the labor of love which it has taken to produce your site dedicated to him!  . . ."
--Frank Colon, Percussionist and recording artist (Technoprimal Productions).

"Dear B.J., as a Brazilian music journalist and filmmaker I have grown very frustrated by the lack of recognition that some of our wonderful artists have experienced, both in Brazil and abroad.  Sadly, Brazilians are not very careful with their memory.  That is what makes your excellent work very important for Brazilian music's history.  I deeply appreciate your devotion to all these artists and the accuracy of all the information that you gathered.  Please keep up the good work!"
--Guto Barra, Journalist

"Thanks to the extraordinarily exhaustive research of B.J. Major, admirers of Claus Ogerman's music and arranging skills have a place to revel. Many recordings of his, as well as those of Henry Mancini and Sergio Mendes, are in my collection because I saw or learned of them on her site. With Ogerman's lengthy career in recording, it cannot be easy to assemble such a discography, but she has accomplished the near impossible. And it grows weekly. Any fans of this genre of music should look no further than the wonderful webpage of B.J. Major. Hearty congratulations!"
--Peter Bay, Music Director & Conductor, Austin Symphony Orchestra

"Dear B. J.,  I visited your [Walter Wanderley] website two years ago and waited for a good opportunity to write about it. Your work is wonderfully done. I'll look at Claus Ogerman's discography as well.  I have to thank you for these benefits for Brazilian music. All the best,"
--Paulo Roberto Pires, Journalist

"Barbara Major has done a terrific job with her site The Music Discographies at Besides Claus Ogerman, she includes extensive coverage of artists like Henry Mancini, Kai Winding, Sergio Mendes, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Walter Wanderley (among others). It's very informative and highly recommended."
--Forrest Patten, Contributor, "Journal Into Melody" publication for The Robert Farnon Society (September 2003).

"With apologies in disturbing you, please allow me to express that though I have never had the pleasure & honor in meeting with you, I must comment that the respect & honor that you pay to such music masters as Antonio Carlos Jobim, Kai Winding, Frank Sinatra, Walter Wanderley, Henry Mancini, Sergio Mendes & Joao Donato (among many others) is as if a permanent & delightful cloud of memory has been etched upon the hearts of those of us whom enjoy & celebrate such rich musical geniuses.  So many blessed thanks are due to you for your devotion & attention to detail. . .Very often I remind my family & friends that one's love of great music will allow for the soul to never die, as the privilege in both hearing & knowing of the gifts of such masters of music allows all of us to live forever in musical heaven. . . . Sincerely with Thanks,"
--Joseph Motsch (Great-Great Grand-Nephew of [Composer] Monsieur Erik Satie)

"These few lines are just to express all my appreciation for your superb Claus Ogerman homepage, which has been a constant source of information and help for my research over the last two years . . .Thanks so much for your invaluable work."
--Massimo Milano - Ethnomusicologist and international music critic; member of the Down Beat Annual Critics Poll International Jury; Italy

"What a great compilation you have made of the works of Claus Ogerman, a superb, gifted musician. It is obviously a work of great affection, respect, and time. It is also full of many difficult to research details, which show caring and diligence. I had the pleasure of working with Claus in 1970 when I owned my first small recording studio at 1595 Broadway, NYC, which was a block or two from Claus' office.  Regards,"
--George Klabin - Recording Engineer, Producer, former owner of SOUND IDEAS Studio, New York City, New York

". . . From time to time I look at your sites and you're really one of the best in the business.  Everything you do has the stamp of a masterpiece; you know exactly what you're doing.  . . . In the last three or four years I visited many sites but none has the same level of information, design and good taste. You're a natural and inventive site organizer."
--José Domingos Raffaelli - Reporter and International Jazz Critic, formerly with O Globo Newspaper; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hi, B.J., Finally "discovered" João Donato on your site, as I was told [by] my son and my wife. It is very nice to have friends like you. [. . .]  Keep in touch and very good luck to you.  Your friend,"
--João Donato, Brazil

"Dear BJ,  So good to hear from you! . . . For the first time yesterday I found time to visit Sergio's site. It's fantastic! Congratulations!  . . . Guess what I just did, even before having breakfast?  Yeah, I visited your sites to look at the additions.  I love to see the way you perfect my scans, as you did on the Billy Eckstine LP!. . ."
--Arnaldo DeSouteiro - International Jazz Critic, educator, and record producer/founder of Jazz Station Records; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Dear B.J.,  The João Donato site is wonderful!  I met João many years ago and even recorded with him one track playing flute on a Nana Caymmi album recorded in Buenos Aires. . . .I will put a link to your site on my company page."
--Fernando Gelbard - Former Argentinian ambassador to France, businessman, jazz enthusiast and record producer; Beverly Hills, California

"B.J. - Just wondered how everything was going for you.  Sure have enjoyed your website - it's a cornerstone of knowledge. . . .I appreciate all of your hard work increasing awareness and information of Brazilian music. . . .your website is becoming more & more amazing in scope and information!"
--Vohn Regensburger - Composer/arranger, producer, guitarist, recording artist; Denver, Colorado

". . . I will do all I can to inform others and have your work show up as source material for all future studies for scholars to find of great value, not just for teachers but for all researchers."
--David H. Sheetz - Trumpet player, music educator & Pivot System specialist; Airstream Dynamics

"Hi BJ, If I could ever dream of a perfect Mancini website, yours would be it! What a terrific job you are doing. . . .Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all the work you have done on your marvelous Mancini site. I check it daily."
--Dan Miles - (former) RCA Victor Records Sales Rep, Denver, CO

"Your work is an incredible labor of love! . . ."
--Rodney Schmidt - Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies and Technology, School of Music, East Carolina University; Greenville, North Carolina

"Thank you for everything, B.J.   You're a great webmaster!"
--Claudio Slon - (former) Recording/Touring Jazz and Brazilian music drummer and percussionist; Denver, Colorado

"Dear B.J.Major:  Hi! I'm Daniel Slon and first of all, I would like to congratulate you for my brother's site!  It's wonderful!  Specially now that he's left us, many fans can remember Claudio through the beautiful site you've created! . . . You created the most beautiful site that an artist can have!!!  He was also my "hero"!  Since I was a kid, I followed step by step his recordings, concerts, gigs and interviews!  He really was 'one of a kind'.  Yours sincerely,"
--Daniel Slon (brother of Claudio Slon); São Paulo, Brazil

"Hi B.J. I read your reply to my mother and I just wanted to thank you personally for all that you have done and continue to do to honor my father. I can't thank you enough. I too thought that he was amazing. If you ever need anything please don't hesitate to let me know via email. By the way, my father always spoke very highly of you and always was very appreciative of all of your efforts on his behalf. I wish he could see the site now too. Please take care and keep in touch. Love,"
--Patricia [Kleiman] (daughter of Claudio Slon); Los Angeles, California

"Hello BJ, . . .Arnaldo [DeSouteiro] has showed me your sites. I was really very touched. . .You are doing a beautiful job for these Brazilian artists, to honor their lives. . ."
--Dom Um Romão - (former) Recording/Touring Jazz and Brazilian music drummer/percussionist; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Dear Webmaster (of Slon-Wanderley-Mendes, etc.), Your work is fantastic, you are doing a great contribution to music. I'm really glad I'm able to get all this information about those musicians.. . ."
--All the best, Alex Sanguinetti - Jazz drummer, instructor, clinician; Munich, Germany

"When I visited B.J.´s site for the first time in 2000, I found a lot of extremely fine artists there whom I have admired for years.  It was easy to find out that the person hosting the pages is a real expert on Brazilian music.  Moreover, the site is very fine and professional.  So also is the site B.J. made on me.  I'm happy to be online there and proud to be in the group of artists whom I have admired for years.  Congratulations!"
--Jarkko Toivonen - Recording/Touring Brazilian music acoustic guitarist; Finland

"I just came across the wonderful Kai Winding web site.  My name is Eschwan, Mrs. Kai Winding - his third and last wife. . . . Thank you for your efforts. . . . Congratulations on the feedback on your site.  With your talent and determination I believe that you will be able to do what you love for a living."

and later

"Dear B.J.,  Another big thanks to you for all your unceasing work on the site. Every time I check out Kai's 'Official site' I learn more about his work. I am so happy to see the photos of the Giants of Jazz. Somewhere in the States I have a small album of casual photos of the group on the road. When I visit my family in May, I will have to look for it.  All the best,"

and later

"Dear B.J., I've just spent a couple of hours perusing the updated site you have created and maintained so beautifully. I must say I have tears in my eyes because I miss Kai, but I have great appreciation that his talent and dedication to jazz is recognized and honored.   A few days before he died he asked me, "What did I do to deserve all this?", indicating the loving support of other musicians and fans that helped sustain us during his illness.  Now, your web site clearly shows all he did.  Thank you.  Your work and dedication means a great deal to me."
--Ezshwan Winding
(Ezshwan Winding is a professional artist and sculptor.) 

"The Incredible Kai Winding, His Official Site" was chosen as 'Site of the Month' by the International Trombone Association in November 2001.




Farnon.jpg     Farnon.pdf - mention of The Music Discographies at in a column for the June 2003 issue of this magazine for the Robert Farnon Society members.


  A-vorta-do-Warter.pdf - Article published on 9/18/03 at a Brazilian music information/review website, written by Paulo Roberto Pires - which mentions's Walter Wanderley Pictorial Discography. [IN PORTUGUESE]

Joseph Campbell, 1987

Domain Dedication:

I would like to very respectfully dedicate the entire domain of to the following individuals who have directly helped to shape my life. The first person I need to mention is the late Professor Joseph Campbell (pictured above), upon whose advice of "follow your bliss" I embarked on this detailed discography work - to the point where it is almost a second job for me.  I have found that it is definitely where I belong and where my life experiences of record collecting, studying music formally and learning computers can be put to greatest use.  I will be eternally grateful for his advice and inspiration.  The other dedications go to my musical artists without whom these sites - and my love for their music - would not exist.  Thank you.

Click on this link to read a poem this webmaster wrote regarding the above domain dedication.
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