What is a Trombonium?


 J.J. and Kai playing their King® tromboniums!

The album from which this photo was taken (and from which you can hear tromboniums played) is pictured in the discography section of this site.

 A trombonium is built like a baritone horn (complete with three valves), except that it retains the same bore size and tube length dimensions as a standard tenor trombone. The exact same mouthpiece is used on a trombonium that would be used on a tenor trombone. People who have played these instruments say that they are a bit more mellow in sound than a standard tenor trombone. King® manufactured tromboniums from the 1950s through the 1970s. Other manufacturers such as Olds® also made tromboniums. Except for their work in jazz, these were used primarily for marching band ensembles, pep bands sitting in bleachers, and other organizations like drum & bugle corps. A good example of modern day use of tromboniums is the fact that these instruments are featured within the precision music group "Blast" (which was a 2001 Tony® Award Winner). A trombonium is a good choice where the sound of a trombone is needed but there isn't space to accommodate the use of a slide.

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