Kai Winding, 1962.

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Kai-ezshwan.JPG  Kai-promoter.JPG
Photo above left: Ezshwan & Kai Winding dining out in New York (1982); photo above right: Kai and a promoter in Oslo, Norway.





This painting, done by artist Ezshwan Winding, capsulizes many items that were important to both Kai & Ezshwan--including personal photographs and several momentos of world travel. Also represented are Kai's King Trombone, some of his album covers, his favorite blue silk scarf, his awards & a photograph of him playing the trombone.




". . . I have very fond & vivid recall of the "J and K" cycle. Kai was a super Jazz trombonist/improviser who performed always with wit, killer chops, quasi-reckless abandon, yet with very intelligent sophistication. He was a complete musician, total artist, plus a fun, fun dude to be with or work with."--J.J. Johnson

Above photo: Kai and J.J. Johnson in one of their many sessions together.




Left to right: unidentified pianist, Kai Winding, Illinois Jacquet, Curtis Fuller in concert.



Wedding.JPG  toast-by-jj.JPG
Above left: Kai and Ezshwan after their wedding service!  Above right: J.J. Johnson giving a toast to the happy couple after the ceremony.




Painting by Ezshwan of Kai and Curtis Fuller rehearsing in France.



Kai in his heyday at the Playboy Club (1966) - where he served as Music Director.

[Photo from Summer 1966 edition of "VIP," a quarterly newsletter that was sent to members
(or "keyholders") of the Playboy clubs ]

Kai-by-Ezshwan.jpg  Kai-sketch.jpeg
Drawings of Kai playing the trombone by Ezshwan, his wife (year unknown).


A wonderful collage of Kai photos and publications featuring him by his wife Ezshwan (date unknown).


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