This photo of Kai was taken from an article in a Japanese magazine called a "Day in the Life" (1976).

 Kai Winding Non-Album Items



Kai on the cover of "Jazz Journal" 1979. 



 Mel-bay-1.JPG  Mr-trombone.JPG
In his later years, Kai began working on a series of instructional jazz trombone music books. Pictured above are two of them; he was working on a third one when he died.




The official printed discography of Kai Winding, written by Piet van Engelen.
This was written shortly after Kai's death, is a 2-volume set and is currently out of print.
Special Note: this 2-volume set has been completely retyped for inclusion on this site and can be viewed HERE!


This is an actual letter that was sent presumably to Maynard Ferguson and written by Kai's own hand
(that it is Kai's writing and printing was confirmed by Mrs. Winding).
It was illegally sold in 2002 on the internet because no permission was obtained from the estate for the selling.

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