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Who is Walter Wanderley and why is he important to me? The biographical info I have been able to obtain on Walter is here in this Discography. I will add to it as I receive additional information. It is my goal to have this be the best and most complete website on Walter and his work.

I was a twelve-year old girl in the summer of 1966 when I first heard the hit single "Summer Samba" played on the AM radio stations of Philadelphia, PA. I have to admit that the organ was never my favorite instrument, but there was something about this artist's music that captivated me from the start. I was always attracted to Latin rhythms and I later studied Latin percussion as a hobby in high school. I found Walter's music to be stimulating, yet soothing; upbeat, yet tender and full of emotion. I kept four original Wanderley LPs with me for over thirty years and have recently replaced them with CD reissues and other albums I didn't own before. I welcome you to Walter's site and I hope you enjoy it. I present the information on these pages in humble tribute to Walter Wanderley, "Brazil's Number 1 Organist", and to his music; I wish he were still with us.

Special Note of Thanks: Wherever possible, the track and personnel information for albums was taken from the original LP releases; however, I want to acknowledge that additional credit information has been provided by printed info on the import CD re-releases and by Claudio Slon, the original Wanderley Trio drummer. I'd also like to thank both Neil Rudish and Claudio Slon--without their help I would not have known where to buy a few of Wanderley's import CDs and now hard to find LPs. Thanks also go to Drew Hurd who introduced the folks at BRUNI's Old Time Gallery to my website and me to them. Also, a special and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has emailed me since this site went online (12/27/99) with your suggestions and additional info (both photos and text) that I did not have at the time I began this Discography. I now own many Wanderley recordings on both LP and CD, but like most people I know, I don't have it all (yet!), so the added help from my friends is very much appreciated and is credited throughout the Discography. Others who have contributed much information and album cover scans and to whom I am very grateful include: Sergio Ximenes of Sombras, William Kenlon, David Cronin, Ronaldo Evangelista, Arnaldo DeSouteiro, Ithamara Koorax, Gregory Flores, Daniel Galera, Jeffrey Ronald Whicker, Brian Phillips, Jeff Chenault, Bobby Rosengarden, Joel Kent, Paul Axford, Eumir Deodato, Brian Coffey, Eduardo Bravo, José Sanches Perez, Joaquim Vivas, Anastacio Gomes, Luiz Octavio de Souza Bueno, Irwin Chusid, Joseph Scolastico, Geoff Reader, Marc van Bakel, Frank Oliver Hellmann, Clark Nelson, Pascal Pavy, Hans-Peter Huebschen, Jim Miller, and Jarkko Toivonen.  I am very grateful to Peggy Bruno for sharing photos of Walter Wanderley and his Trio taken in 1973.  Additional thanks go to Leslie Pfenninger of On A&M Records for providing needed foreign issue listing information.

--B.J. (Barbara J.) Major
Introduction amended on 06/08/11.



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