Stop Your Motor

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[U.S. Stereo LP]

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[U.S. Stereo LP labels]

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[U.S. Stereo DJ/Promo LP labels]

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[Collector's Choice CD Reissue]

The Association, Stop Your Motor, Warner Brothers-Seven Arts Records #WS 1927 [Stereo] (1971).[LP]
The Association, Stop Your Motor, Warner Brothers Records #WS 1927 [Stereo] (1971).[DJ/Promo LP]
The Association, Stop Your Motor, Collector's Choice Music #CCM-385-2 (2003).[CD Reissue]


Bring Yourself Home
Funny Kind of Song
That’s Racin’
P.F. Sloan
Silver Morning
It’s Gotta Be Real
The First Sound
Along The Way
Traveler’s Guide (Spanish Flyer)
Seven Virgins

LINER NOTES from the Collector's Choice CD Reissue (by Richie Unterberger):

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Produced by The Association, Ray Pohlman, John Tartaglia and Randy Steirling.

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