The Association "Live"

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[U.S. Stereo Double LP]

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[U.S. Stereo Double LP labels]

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[U.S. Stereo DJ/Promo Double LP  and label]

[8-Track Tape]

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[Collector's Choice CD Reissue]

The Association, The Association “Live”, Warner Brothers Records #2WS 1868 (1970).[2-LP Set]
The Association, The Association "Live", Warner Brothers Records Radio Station Service #2WS 1868 (1970).[DJ/Promo 2-LP Set]
The Association, The Association "Live", Warner Brothers/Reprise Records #1868 (197_).[8-Track Tape]
The Association, The Association “Live”, Collector’s Choice Music #CCM-384-2 (2003).[CD Reissue]


1. Dream Girl
2. One Too Many Mornings
3. Along Comes Mary
4. I'll Be Your Man
5. Goodbye Columbus
6. Last Flower
7. Let's Get Together
8. Wasn't It A Bit Like Now
9. Never My Love
10. Goodbye Forever
11. Just About The Same
12. Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
13. Are You Ready
14. Cherish
15. Requiem For The Masses
16. Windy
17. Enter The Young
18. Seven Man Band
19. The Time It Is Today
20. Dubuque Blues
21. Blistered
22. What Were The Words
23. Remember

LINER NOTES from the Collector's Choice CD Reissue (by Richie Unterberger):

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Produced by Ray Pohlman.
A Ferriswheel Production.

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