Claudio, 1962 - recording with Dick Farney.


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Tidbits: Oddity!



Are you wondering why this album is not pictured along with the other Brasil '77 albums on previous pages?  It's here instead because this is actually not a Brasil '77 album at all, despite what the cover says. This was a printing mixup of an Australian release of the Brasil '66 album entitled "Live at Expo '70". I have included it here in the Trivia section because the (wrong) cover photo includes Claudio's picture (back row, far right)!

Trivia:  Claudio is the drummer on the track "Summer Samba" on at least three different albums, featuring three different arrangements:

1) Walter Wanderley Trio's "Rain Forest" album;
2) Walter Wanderley Trio w/Astrud Gilberto on the "A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness" album;
3) Marcos Valle's "Samba '68" album.




1996 Monterey Jazz Festival

Jimmy Lyons Main Stage

Saturday, September 21, 1996 (evening)

Performing with Nana Caymmi (vocals): Dori Caymmi, musical director, guitar; Ramon Stagnaro, guitar; Otmaro Ruiz, keyboards; John Leftwich, bass; Claudio Slon, drums; Mike Shapiro, percussion.




Lamont School of Music (Colorado):

Lamont Jazz Ensembles:  Claudio Slon is listed as having presented a master class in "recent years".




  Teacher.pdf  This is from a flyer made by Claudio Slon himself offering drum and percussion lessons in the 1970s!

  Folha.pdf  This is an article (in Portuguese) about Claudio's then current career with Sergio Mendes (Folha de São Paulo, 1975).

Mendes-thumb.JPG  Mendes-article.jpg - This is a large photo file - over 300k - (text in Portuguese) about Sergio Mendes' personnel from the 1970s.

  Arizona-republic.pdf From June 5, 1996 "Burning Bossa to Melt 'Elevator' Mold".

  Rimshot.pdf This was an interview article done with Claudio Slon.

   Crossover.pdf  In April 1999, Claudio was a panelist in the Conference on World Affairs in Boulder, CO. Read what he had to say in this article.

   Denver_Post.pdf  This is a previous article that was written in the Denver Post about Claudio Slon.

  Speak-up.pdf  This is an article written by Diana Kohlmann called "A Big Drummer" (Speak Up, April 2000).

   Lobo.pdf  In early April 2000, this page (captured from the Verve Music Group "Upcoming" section) mentions Claudio Slon on the "Sergio Mendes Presents Lobo" CD reissue.




Program front cover from concert which featured tracks from the "Amazonas" CD, which had just been released in Brazil.
Below are two pages from the inside of the program. The live concert album recorded from this event is listed in the discography.  
Video stills from that concert can be seen here.


  OEstado_Donato.pdf  This is a Portugese (São Paulo) newspaper article (2000) about Claudio's participation in Joao Donato's "Amazonas" CD.






Planet Music magazine (Brazil) featured an interview article with Claudio Slon (Issue #2, 1998). ARTICLE IS IN PORTUGUESE.
Complete text of article can be read in the following pages:







Batera & Percussão magazine (Brazil) featured an interview article with Claudio Slon (May 2000). ARTICLE IS IN PORTUGUESE.
Complete text of article can be read in the following pages:







Claudio was featured in an interview article in Spain's Serenidade Fanzine (June 2000 issue #4). ARTICLE IS IN SPANISH.
Complete text of article can be read in the following pages:









Claudio was featured in an interview article in U.S. Modern Drummer  magazine (February 2002 issue). ARTICLE IS IN ENGLISH.
Complete text of article can be read in the following pages:









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 denver_post-3-31.pdf - This is a story appearing in Colorado's Denver Post newspaper outlining the career of Claudio Slon and his health battles resulting from the car accident of 12/31/01--as well as his battle with cancer.


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Batera & Percussão magazine (Brazil) featured a short article pictured below mentioning the death of Claudio Slon (May 2002). ARTICLE IS IN PORTUGUESE.



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Published in Jornal do Brasil:


Mendes raros

Cristina Granato/1996

Sérgio Mendes relança raridades

Três raridades de Sérgio Mendes gravadas nos EUA nos 70 aportam aqui dia 20, reeditadas via BMG com produção e minuciosos textos de Arnaldo de Souteiro. Home cooking (1975) conta com Gilberto Gil (vocal e violão) em Emoriô, Hey, people hey (Ê povo ê) e a obscura Cut that out, Hermeto Pascoal (órgão Hammond e flauta), a dupla de trombones Raul de Souza e Frank Rosolino, além de Paulinho da Costa (percussão) e Claudio Slon (bateria). Carlos e Kate Lyra assinam It's so obvious that I love you (Cara bonita) e Kate é parceira de Sérgio na faixa título. Em Sérgio Mendes & The New Brasil 77 (1977), brilha o conviva Stevie Wonder, que toca teclados em várias faixas e fornece os hits Love city e The real thing. A percussão é reforçada por três bateristas (Steve Gadd, entre eles) e sete percussionistas, incluindo Dom Chacal, Laudir de Oliveira, Tião Netto (fora do baixo) e Stevie Forman, um ianque bom de cuíca, além do hit do Chicago If you leave me now. O terceiro é Brasil 88, com Naná Vasconcellos, Nelson Angelo, Ernie Watts, Buddy Shank, Alex Acuña (bateria) e Emil Richards (percussão), arranjos de cordas de Dave Grusin e Dick Hazard. De 26 a 31 de agosto, Sérgio faz temporada com a nova banda Brasil 2002 no Blue Note de Tóquio, promovendo três CDs que só sairão no Japão: País tropical (1970), Stillness (1971) e Live at Expo 70, gravado ao vivo em Osaka.


  Bounce-cover.JPG - This is a Japanese magazine cover which contains an article on Sergio's 2002 CD reissues produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro (article below).

  Bounce-article.JPG - This is the Japanese article which talks about Sergio's 2002 CD reissues produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro (albums are pictured on the right hand side of the article).


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