Left to right: Aloisio Aguiar, Sérgio Brandão, Claudio Slon (1996).

Memorial Service for Claudio Slon

Claudio Slon died at 9:30 p.m. on April 16, 2002.

The Memorial Service for Claudio took place at:

Mile High Church

9079 W. Alameda Ave.

Lakewood, Colorado 80226

Sat. April 20th @ 1pm

Reception followed.

Below are some photos from the service and reception. 
These photos include several musicians whom Claudio played and recorded with over the years, as well as immediate family members.



Jeff Jenkins on piano.

Mitchell Long on guitar.

Chico Meira (center)


Kenny Walker (bass) and Mike Marlier (drums)--both faculty members at
University of Denver School of Music aka Lamont School of Music.

Jeff Jenkins


Cynthia Slon (daughter)


Patricia Slon Kleiman (daughter)


Left to right: Scott Kleiman, Patricia (Slon) Kleiman, Evangelina Slon, Cynthia Slon.


(From left to right: Cynthia [daughter], Evangelina [wife], Patricia [daughter]).

* * *


Your webmaster in 1966, playing along with Claudio Slon on records.
I shared this photo with Claudio in 2000.

My own thoughts concerning Claudio's passing:

Claudio was a very unique and special drummer and one who will always have a special significance for me - as I have followed his career for 36 years now. I always had hoped to meet him someday in person, but sadly this was obviously not to be. I was able to communicate to him via email what his music meant to me and how it affected my life in a very profound and personal way. I will cherish his music and the emails he sent me before, during, and after the creation of his official website, always.

Since his passing, my feelings about and for this great musician have only intensified and grown - and I have had to face the tremendous loss of his presence in my life. Just knowing he is not there anymore is one of the greatest personal sadnesses I have ever experienced and lived through. Claudio had been my hero on the drums since I was 12 years old; no one who ever comes along can ever take his place.

Claudio had originally emailed me in fall of 1999 to let me know where I could obtain some albums that had made it to import CD. He did this after seeing a post I had written on an internet music forum and decided to email me personally instead of posting publicly on the forum. I don't know what made him do that, but I will be eternally grateful he chose to communicate with me personally. It began a series of emails which first resulted in Claudio giving me an interview for my Walter Wanderley site; then a bit later on it led to the creation of Claudio's own, Official site.  I was thrilled beyond words that Claudio wanted my site to be his Official one; it was like a dream come true for me. After that, I shared in the news of Claudio's life - the bad right along with the good.  This man went through some very personally challenging times and I felt very honored that I knew some things that were going on in his life that few others knew about at all while they were happening.

As stated in the Introduction to this site, I will continue to add everything I can possibly find and interview any and all those who respond to my emails - who either knew or worked personally with Claudio. I want the site to become ever better and better and stand as a legacy to Claudio's life. Again, I thank all those who have been willing to share their moments spent with Claudio for this site.

Claudio Slon was Walter Wanderley's favorite drummer and he is also mine. These two great musicians are now reunited. I hope they are playing up a storm together on the other side.


Originally composed on 4/17/02; updated and augmented on 8/20/02.

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 Claudio-final.pdf - this is the latest article from the Denver Post which contains the notice of Claudio's passing.

 O-estado.pdf - this is an obituary on Claudio from Brazil's O Estado de São Paulo newspaper (In Portuguese).


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