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Claudio, April 2000 - performing at Memorial Da América Latina - Săo Paulo, Brazil


I first became acquainted with Claudio Slon's work through the recordings of The Walter Wanderley Trio beginning in 1966, when the Trio first came to the U.S. But Claudio had been working in Brazil as a professional drummer and Brazilian percussionist for several years prior to that time. His love of jazz is what made him want to relocate permanently to the U.S., although he did return to Brazil on a regular basis to record with that country's leading artists. As you will see from viewing the next several pages, Claudio has indeed played and recorded with some of the "greats" in the world of music. In addition to working as a drummer and percussionist, he has also worked as producer on some recordings and a co-leader on others. Claudio was one of the best when it comes to 'who's who' in the realm of studio drumming and upon his arrival in the U.S., he immediately established himself as the 'Brazilian specialist' to call for U.S. recording sessions. On a personal note, Claudio is one of my heroes in the world of music in general and in Brazilian music in particular. It is my pleasure to welcome you to Claudio's site, where his volume of work will be presented and updated to include new additions on a regular basis.

Special Note of Thanks: I would like to say a special thank you to all who were supportive of my taking on this project from the start, especially Claudio Slon himself, as well as my "previewers" who took a look at this site before it went online officially on May 1, 2000 and offered their assistance and feedback on how everything looked. Special thanks go to Sergio Ximenes at Sombras for his help with obtaining several of the hard-to-find album covers. Also a very special thank you to Claudio's brother Daniel Slon who went above and beyond the call of duty with providing career and family photos for the site as well as numerous magazine articles on Claudio's career and other information which is used throughout the site.  I am also greatful to the following contributors of photos, album covers, text information, album listings and more:  Augusto Troncoso, Tom Johnson, JM Kaufman, Vohn Regensburger, Randy Kosht, Toni Riggio, Giko, Harry Neyhart, Lawrence Hartline, Paula Worhatch, Eduarado "Bijoux" Barbosa, Bill Kopper, Alan Ripa, Daniella Thompson, Scott Martin, Laura McCarthy, Gregory Flores, Eduardo Bravo, William Kenlon, Reg Schwager, Brian Phillips, David Cronin, Greg Karukas, Jose Sanches Perez, Mike Newcomb, Hans-Peter Huebschen, Göran Forsberg of Record Palace in Sweden, Daniel Doan, Arnaldo DeSouteiro, & Ithamara Koorax.

B.J. (Barbara J.) Major
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