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Subject: Re: Hello from Claudio Slon's Webmaster!

Received: 9/30/02 9:06 PM


Dear B.J.,

Yes I'm interested [in being interviewed for Claudio's site]! I adore that beautiful soul. [. . .] I have a piece of recording before one of my songs starts with him singing "Porque". It is the cutest thing with his accent! Thanks for the email. Talk soon.

Suzanne Morales
Denver, CO

Subject:  great site

Received: 11/23/02 5:15 AM


I was a personal friend of the late Claudio Slon, and liked your little vignette on him.

[. . .]

He was a very special person to me and to all who met him.

Thanks...........Steve Replin

Subject: Re: Claudio Slon (interview questions)

Received: 12/10/02 4:59 AM



Cool, I'll take my time to talk about Claudio - I need to find out what is really important, I could write about him non-stop.

BTW Claudio was such a humble guy, I don't know what it is about guys like him, but sometimes when you express how much their art mean to you, or meant at one point and many times it even seems to change one's life, it doesn't seem that it really gets thru to them. I met Claudio among other great musicians, and it seems to me that they never understood how important their art meant to me, it's a funny thing, I guess!?

--Edward "Bijoux" Barbosa
Bassist (Denver, CO)

Subject: Claudio

Received: 1/6/03 7:32 PM


Hi B.J.,

Nice to hear from another of Claudio's many friends.

Claudio and I met in 1978 and became instant friends.We spent the next four years making music and memories. Our families became very close and we had each other to get us through those times.

[. . .]

Claudio was a great friend I will forever miss.


Frank Lombardo
Los Angeles, CA

Subject: Friend of Claudio's

Received: 2/12/03 8:10 PM


Hi BJ,

I was honored to perform as a bassist with Claudio Slon several times in the Denver/Boulder area beforeClaudio's accident and subsequent death. He is truly missed but would tell us all to go on living life to the fullest extent - his daughters both shared his attitude toward life ("Check the drama at the door") at the memorial service.

Some of my most treasured memories are the times I was lucky enough to perform with Claudio between 1999 and 2001, especially with Mitchell Long or Chico deMeira on violao, percussion, voz and Jeff Jenkins or Eric Gunnison on piano. It was so easy to play with him, and invaluable to hear his stories of playing with the greats - he never bragged, so I always gently prodded for his gems of wisdom.

Claudio and I shared a love of word play - he was a master of dry humor.

I just discovered that my son, Anthony, can be seen in the background of the photo of Mike Marlier and Kenny Walker right between their faces on the

page! Get this: Anthony (5 years old at the time) once played freeze tag during a break with Chico and Claudio at a wedding gig of Chico's. Yes, they all chased each other around for a little while before the music resumed! Claudio was aware that his size was imposing, to say the least, to a 5 year old boy, so he went out of his way to make Anthony feel comfortable around him. They became good buddies at that gig and Anthony always (still does) thought fondly of Claudio after that.

Regards and thanks for your dedication to our friend,

Peter Huffaker
Highlands Ranch, CO


Subject: Greetings From Australia

Received: 8/21/03

Dear Barbara,

I just visited your pages on Claudio Slon. Loved the material, congratulations. Like you I love his drumming and grew up listening to recordings that he played on. All the best to you.


Warm regards,



percussionist, composer & educator

Head of the Improvisation Department

Victorian College of the Arts

The University of Melbourne


Received in email on 10/15/05:

Hi B.J.!!


It's been a long time...this is Jon Skinner (AKA: "Brasil Nut" on A&M Corner).  You know, I hadn't seen your Sergio or Claudio tribute pages in a long time and ran across them tonight.  To say I am impressed would be an understatement.  B.J., you have done an amazing job of documenting Sergio and his career. 


Anyway, I was doing an Internet search this evening and encountered your page, where I've been for the last two hours, reading about Claudio, Sergio -- everyone -- and I'm amazed!!  Excellent job, B.J.!!  I'm sure Sergio must have told you how impressed he is with the site. 


Well, I am so pleased to have opportunity to write to someone (other than myself) who, not only admires Sergio, but has done a great job of paying tribute to him online.  I am in awe of your knowledge and the thorough manner in which you've compiled and presented your information.  You know, several people have encouraged me to put together a page devoted to Sergio.  With 30 years of collectibles under my belt, I have plenty of material to do so.  However, I look at your site and think I could never do nearly as well in presenting Sergio in such a good light. 


On a personal note, I believe in what you are doing by keeping Claudio's Spirit alive.  As such, I have bookmarked your sites and intend to use them to access Gemm, as well as your other sponsors.  The Web is expensive and you are providing an invaluable deserve something in return.


Do Take Care...great to be back in contact after so many years!!


Jon Skinner

The "Brasil Nut"

Subject: Several Thumbs-Ups

Date: April 10, 2006 9:47:13 PM EDT

Hi, BJ—

Great site! Terrific info and photos re Claudio Slon (truly one of the greats). Never knew he was in fact the drummer throughout Wave, which is probably my number one desert-island album. Oh, and where did you get those Sinatra-Jobim session photos? They're abso-freakin'-lutely wonderful! Superb tributes. Appreciate all you've done to get a more detailed picture of these folks out there for us to enjoy.

Thanks much!


Al Atkinson-Sirois

Date: March 4, 2007 11:41:08 PM EST

Dear Ms. Major:
            First of all, thanks for, obviously exhaustively, preparing a website full of knowledge that I have wanted to know for a long time about music and musicians I have loved since I was a child.  I was so surprised to run across a web page devoted to Claudio Slon, a drummer and percussionist who I thought would live on in complete obscurity, but did such great work.
            I have been a big fan of Ettore Stratta’s for a long time, too; I think he has a gift for picking talented people to work with and he has produced some memorable concerts.
           [. . .]



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