The Three MYSTERY Groups:  Kitchen, Wynchester & Trio Paradiso


This is probably the most mysterious and controversial of all three mystery groups for which Claudio Slon was involved.   Kitchen is the name of the group that Claudio Slon formed with Paulinho da Costa when they both left the employ of Sergio Mendes in the late 1970s.  Claudio wanted his own compositions played by this group.  Claudio's idea was for a group that would play fusion (funk and samba).  At least, that was the plan....

What happened?

According to the story that I have been told by a Slon family member, record producer Lou Adler gave Claudio Slon the money to hire the best musicians for the project. Claudio was also free to produce the recording as HE wanted.  Claudio took care of each detail in the recording.  A special designer was hired to design the outfits of the musicians and they were going to do a huge release party in a very famous place in Los Angeles.  But something went terribly wrong with the contract that Lou Adler had with the recording company.  It is unknown at this time what the problem was, but whatever it was, it totally prevented the group from going forward with their plans.  As a result of the problem, Mr. Adler wanted something like $100,000.00 to assign the rights of the group to another person or company.  This is all that is known about this story...

Eight tracks, unreleased/unissed album.  Tracks included Magic Feeling (also recorded by the Wynchester group listed below); Latin America; I Go To Rio; Put It Right Here; Sophisticated Lady; As; Growin' Your Own; Nightbird.

Music credits:

Claudio Slon and D. Grusin wrote the music for Magic Feeling;
Claudio Slon co-wrote the music for Latin America with P. da Costa & Octavio Bailly, with lyrics by Claudio Slon;
Claudio Slon wrote the music and lyrics for Put It Right Here;
Claudio Slon and D. Grusin wrote the music for Growin' Your Own;
Claudio Slon wrote the music for Nightbird.

Musicians in the group include: 
Don Grusin, keyboards; Claudio Slon, drums; P. da Costa, congas, percussion; Octavio Bailly, bass; Al Ciner, guitars; Henry Jackson, vocals; Diana Brooks, vocals; Don Markese, sax; Steve Hufsteter, trumpet; Bill Reicherbach, trombone; Tom Scott, sax; Chuck Findley, trumpet; Dick Hyde, trombone.


Six tracks, unreleased/unissued album.  Track names, other than Magic Feeling are not known at this time.

Musicians in the group included Claudio Slon, Tom Scott, D. Grusin, Paulinho da Costa, Frank Lombardo and two Stevie Wonder singers.  This group did manage to release a 45 rpm picture sleeve single in Japan which is listed and pictured here.  It is not known why Wynchester did not make other recordings issued to the public and why the single mentioned above was released only in Japan.

Trio Paradiso

Trio Paradiso is a group that Claudio Slon formed in the 1990s.  This is before Claudio joined the new João Donato Trio in the late nineties.  It is not known why Trio Paradiso did not make recordings issued to the public.

Nine tracks, unreleased/unissued album.  Tracks recorded in 1993 include Passages, Emily, Niteroi, A Child Is Born, I Love You, The Very Thought of You, The Dolphin, Cherokee & It Might As Well Be Spring. 

Musicians in the group in addition to Claudio Slon are not known at this time except for Octavio Bailly Jr. on bass and Frank Zotolli on piano.

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