Bobby Rosengarden - Live Concerts

With the Soprano Summit and The New York Jazz Repertory Company
1977 and 1978

Bobby recorded albums with the Soprano Summit.  Here in these photos below he is seen playing with them in live outdoor concerts!

With the Soprano Summit, 1977

screenshot_12.jpg  screenshot_13.jpg

screenshot_14.jpg  screenshot_15.jpg


BONUS! - Watch and listen to Bobby play a solo with the Soprano Summit!

Click on this QuickTime link to see and hear it.


With The New York Jazz Repertory Company (1978)

Bobby was always in demand as a sideman for jazz playing and here he is the drummer for this prestigious group!

screenshot_11.jpg  screenshot_09.jpg

screenshot_10.jpg  screenshot_11.jpg

See also these solos Bobby performs on The Dick Cavett Show

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