WRITINGS: Books Written by José Domingos Raffaelli



Luiz Orlando Carneiro and José Domingos Raffaelli, "Guia de Jazz Em CD", (Guide to Jazz on CD) Jorge Zahar Editor, [Brazil], 257 pp. (2000).

I have received my copy of this book and it is a very concise, pocket-sized guide to some of the most popular artists in jazz. Not everyone in jazz is covered here - with the book coming in at 257 pages - and only some of an artists CDs are talked about in the listings (i.e., not everything a particular artist has out on CD is listed). But it is still a very handy reference guide when looking for some of the best recordings a particular performer has recorded.  Note that the book is entirely in Portuguese and contains no English, but virtually all of the CD titles listed inside are in English and the comments on each are kept concise and brief.  There is also a small biographical paragraph or two on each artist before the CD listings begin.

[Book cover scan courtesy of José Domingos Raffaelli and used here with permission]


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