J.D.R. Mentioned in Books



From Chega de Saudade, by Ruy Castro - published by Companhia das Letras (1990) (pp. 55).[Portuguese]

(English) [Translation by José Sanches Perez]

"Indeed, Murray (a famous record store in Rio) didn't sell much, when you compare [the sales] with the [number of] people that come in and out the store. In its mezzanine, the fan-clubs boys met daily; the vocal group members, they weren't few; all the musicians who liked jazz, among them the man they respected absolutely, the guitar player Garoto; stars from the journalism and radio stations, like Sérgio Porto, Sylvio Tullio Cardoso, Paulo Santos and Eustórgio de Carvalho, by the way, Mister Eco, and future journalists like Ivan Lessa, José Domingos Raffaelli and Carlos Conde; and jazz lovers in large scale, divided in supporters - in favour of the New Orleans style, of swing, of be-bop and of the West Coast modern jazz. Murray was the best record importer of the city, but few had money to buy the new American 10" LPs. The majority went there to exchange ideas or to exchange 78 rpms, and they had as a free soundtrack, the news that arrived at the store, put to play by two equally jazz maniac sellers, Jonas and Acyr."

José was also mentioned in the Acknowledgment section in the front of the English translation of this book as one who "provided valuable information."



Deep in a Dream, The Long Night of Chet Baker by James Gavin - published by Knopf (2002) (pp.448).[English]

Jose was mentioned in the book "Deep in a Dream - The Long Night of Chet Baker", by James Gavin.  Mr. Gavin himself wrote Jose that he (Gavin) mentioned Jose's name and transcribed in the book part of his review of Chet's concert in Rio de Janeiro, in 1985.


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