Some Claus Ogerman Humor


(But based on a true story as experienced by B.J. Major)

July 10, 2003 

Source: AP Newswire.



Yes, it's true, folks. It happened just the other day with many eyewitnesses.

When B.J. got off her #104 bus at the local WAWA convenience store to buy milk on the way home from work, much to her surprise the tune that greeted her ears in the store that is always playing oldies rock and roll 24/7 - was none other than a bona fide Claus Ogerman arrangement, which he also conducted. She recognized it instantly. Playing loudly over the store's speakers was Lesley Gore's "I'll Cry If I Want To (aka "It's My Party)" from the early 1960s. B.J. stood entranced; with milk in one hand and computer bag in the other, she wanted to throw up her arms and say aloud "yes Yes YES! - it's Claus Ogerman!!"

Of course no one there would have known what in the world she was talking about, but she did smile and close her eyes for a brief moment and imagined what C.O. looked like in that earlier year with his Clark Kent glasses, jet black hair which had not yet begun to thin, trim suit with white shirt and narrow tie, black shoes polished to a mirror shine - what many have come to call his "schoolteacher/music teacher" look. B.J. could visualize him there on the podium with his outstretched hands, directing the orchestra and Miss Gore . . . and it was a happier day in Upper Darby, PA because she heard Claus Ogerman in a public place.

Film at 11.

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