Ogerman and Sinatra at a session for the "Francis Albert Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim" recording.


INFORMATION:  Claus Ogerman Tidbits & News

"Old" news about Claus from Billboard Magazine - October 9, 1965, Page 24!



"Waxpaper", promotional material from Warner Brothers' Records, Volume II, No. 1, dated January 22, 1977.
Contains two articles on the work of Claus Ogerman with regard to his Warner Brothers recordings and some photos.
View the .pdf

Claus the subject of "Jazzletter"

Gene Lees' publication "Jazzletter" (Volume 20, No. 9 - September 2001) has Claus Ogerman as the main and only subject for all 8 pages. It is a splendid account of the milestones in Ogerman's career and has snips of interview questions and gives informative background on Claus that shows where he came from and what influenced him.  As I always tell people, his career has been about as diverse as any musician who ever lived and Claus is one who can claim that he's done it all--from classical to jazz to pop and even rock n' roll. Not many musicians (let alone splendid arrangers) can lay claim to this kind of experience. Kudos to Mr. Lees for such a wonderful tribute to Claus in this edition of his Jazzletter.   But absolutely no kudos go to Mr. Lees for calling Claus' early '60s work for U.S. pop artists "crap" (see my editorial on this subject, here).  These paragraphs in the .pdf docs below also comprise the same linernotes Gene Lees wrote for "Claus Ogerman: The Man Behind the Music" boxed set booklet. The full text of this article is in .pdf format below:


 Brazilian Newspaper Article on Claus' Classical Works

   Disco-apresenta.pdf - This is an article written for a São Paulo, Brazil newspaper which talks about Claus' original classical compositions and the albums they appear on. (Estadao de São Paulo - February 2002) [IN PORTUGUESE]


 Italian Journalist Writes about Claus

Acrobat_symbol.GIF  Massimo-article.pdf - "Ogerman. Elegia dell'easy listening. Secondo il magico Claus" by Massimo Milano ("Il Manifesto" - June 8th, 2002). [IN ITALIAN]

This article analyzes both Claus' arranging and writing techniques for orchestra and was featured in the weekly literary supplement of one of Italy's leading daily newspapers.

[Thanks to Massimo Milano for providing this article]


Other Print Media Articles Which Feature Interviews With or Information About Claus Ogerman:

Newspaper: Die Welt 14.01.1982  "Karriere übers Branchenregister".

Newspaper: Süddeutsche Zeitung  24.04.02  "Ein Ohrwurm ist schön, macht aber viel Arbeit".

News-Magazine: Focus  26.11.01  "Jazz oder nie".

Fanzine/Magazine: Pacific: Interview with Claus Ogerman by Stefan Kassel (6 pages), no date; approximately 3-4 yrs. old.

In a book written by Gene Lees regarding the recording of the Jobim/Sinatra album "Francis Albert Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim", there is a part entitled "The Performance and the Pain" (1967). On page 138, the author describes an example when Sinatra uses a German accent while speaking with Ogerman...

An article Gene Lees wrote in "High Fidelity-Musical America XXV/10 (1975)", on page 19 is entitled "The Real Claus Ogerman Stands Up".


 Correspondence from Claus to this webmaster!

Letters have been received since February 2003 by this webmaster from Claus Ogerman himself regarding this website and facets of his career. Claus has also begun to contribute several items to this website including an order form (see below) for those who wish to obtain printed sheet music of his original compositions and arrangements. Other items contributed include album listing information and also an interview article from a music publication dated January/February 2003.

I am very honored and pleased that Claus participated in providing items for this site.

 Order form received from Claus Ogerman

This form lists printed sheet music editions of his classical works which can be ordered directly from the company located in Studio City, California. The list has been converted to a printable .pdf document and is located for downloading, below. Anyone wishing to order items from the list should print this form, check off the items desired and then mail it directly to the address on the form with payment. Please note that this form is NOT a price list nor does it contain prices and you should therefore call or fax the telephone numbers provided on the form to determine price and shipping to your area, etc. Additionally, you can use the EPS Price List (next item below) to determine the price of the work but keep in mind that this Price List from EPS may not reflect current prices, so you still may want to call them for verification.



    Order-form.pdf - Printable order form/list of classical works composed by Claus Ogerman available for purchase. PLEASE NOTE: Per Claus Ogerman himself, ALL Claus Ogerman sheet music can be obtained from the U.S. Studio City, California address listed on this form. Write to that distributor's address if you are located within the United States, tell them what you are looking for and you will hear back from them. There is also a phone number and fax number with the address for your convenience. If you are located in Europe or any other part of the world, write to or call the Munich, Germany location listed on this same form.

When you contact the distributor, please mention that you obtained the information to contact them through this website.

[Updated info on this order form information courtesy of Claus Ogerman] 

Price List from Empire Publishing Service
Containing Claus Ogerman published works available for purchase:

Please access the .JPG files below within your browser (or download them), print them out and and completing them, mail them to the nearest address contained on the form (depending on whether you are located within Europe or the United States).

Empire-cover.JPG (full-sized version of what is shown above)





Claus' interview in "Fanfare" record collector publication--

Claus Ogerman was extensively interviewed in this publication concerning his classical works and the pages are listed below for viewing. Click on each file to bring it up in a separate browser window. The text had to be inverted (white text on black background) due to background color of scanned pages and in order to make it easier to view.

Fanfare-1.JPG - Page 1 of "Fanfare" interview by Martin Anderson.

Fanfare-2.JPG - Page 2 of "Fanfare" interview by Martin Anderson.

Fanfare-3.JPG - Page 3 of "Fanfare" interview by Martin Anderson.

Fanfare-4.JPG - Page 4 of "Fanfare" interview by Martin Anderson.

Fanfare-5.JPG - Page 5 of "Fanfare" interview by Martin Anderson.

[Interview article courtesy of Claus Ogerman]

Claus' arrangement featured in a new film!


On July 30, 2003 on the "Entertainment Tonight" syndicated tv show, they showed clips of new and upcoming feature films. A love story between two teenagers (title of movie not yet revealed as of that date) had - as part of the soundtrack - Claus' bossa nova arrangement of "The Look of Love", sung by Diana Krall on her album of the same name and also performed during the "Live in Paris" DVD!

Another Claus' arrangement featured in a broadcast tv advertisement!


The Claus Ogerman arrangement of George Benson's "Breezin'" (from the album of the same name) is currently being played in a medley of music for the tv commercial advertising Philadelphia's WJJZ 106.1 FM Smooth Jazz Radio Station as of 8/7/03.


Claus Ogerman composition in Songwriters Hall of Fame!

The above was found on the internet, indicating that a composition with music by Klaus Ogermann and lyrics by Ervin Drake entitled "Girl of the Year" was selected
to be in the Songwriters Hall of Fame.  The composition was published by Claus Ogerman's "Glamorous Music" publishing company.



Claus Ogerman composition heard on NPR "Jazz Profiles" show!

On Sunday, April 18, 2004 at 10:00 a.m., NPR broadcast a radio show hosted by Nancy Wilson on the life and talent of pianist Hank Jones. One of the first pieces played in the hour was Claus Ogerman's "Favors", which Jones recorded on three different occasions, on three different albums.

News from Japan about a Claus Ogerman performance, received in email:

I am Fumiaki Kawasaki.

I am a manager of the PIANO DUO:  TETSU & MASAKI.

We will have a concert "THE GREEN TABLE"

FRITZ A. COHEN [1904-67]


I have contact with Mr. Claus Ogerman, and he gave me a permission to play these works in Tokyo, Japan.

We will play them on June 7, 2008
beginning at 14:30.
Tetsu Mashiko and Masaki Nishihara
AT: PIANO ART SALON (small salon)

You can enjoy our performance:


November 2008 - DownBeat Magazine Article

...written by Thomas Staudter, entitled "Lush Connection - Danilo Perez joins forces with veteran arranger Claus Ogerman and producer Tommy LiPuma".

Click on the links below to read the article and see its accompanying print ad for the Perez/Ogerman album "Across The Crystal Sea":


Ad for "Across The Crystal Sea"

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