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 Claus Ogerman - United Artists Records:




Roaring-usmono.JPG  Roaring-usmono-b.JPG
[U.S. Mono LP]

Roaring-20s.JPG  Roaring-20s-b.JPG
[UK Stereo LP Reissue]

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[UK Stereo LP labels]

Klaus Ogerman and His Orchestra, "Music of the Roaring 20s", United Artists #UAL 3130/UAS 6130 (mono/stereo) (1961).[LP]
Klaus Ogerman and His Orchestra, "Music of the Roaring 20s", United Artists [England] #CSD 1425 (stereo)/#CLP 1535 (mono) (1962).[LP Reissue]

Note that even though it is a United Artists record, the RCA trademark also appears on the front and back covers of the UK version of the record.

Entire album arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman.


Side One:


Sweet Georgia Brown


Diga Diga Doo

Button Up Your Overcoat

If You Knew Susie


Side Two:

I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles

Yes Sir, That's My Baby

Black Bottom

I Want To Be Happy

I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover

Limehouse Blues

LINER NOTES (different on import & U.S. releases):

Roaring-liners1.JPG - Original uncredited [UK] LP liner notes.

Roaring-liners2.JPG - Original uncredited [UK] LP liner notes.

Roaring-usliners.JPG - Original uncredited [U.S.] LP liner notes.

Personnel: Klaus Ogerman--arranger & conductor. Musicians uncredited.

[Original Mono LP]

UAL-3206-A.png  UAL%203206-B.png
[Original Mono LP labels]

Sing-along-stereo.JPG  Sing-along-stereo-b.JPG
[Original Stereo LP]

Klaus Ogermann, "Jeder Singt Mit!  Sing Along in German", United Artists #UAL-3206 (mono)/#UAS-6206 (stereo) (1962).[LP]

Entire album arranged and conducted by Klaus Ogermann. Original compositions on this album also by Klaus Ogermann (see tracklist).


Side One:

Muss' I Denn (ancient traditional) **

Du, Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen (ancient traditional) **

Nun Ade Du Mein Lieb' Heimatland (Ogermann)

O Mein Papa

Lang Lang Ist's Her (Ogermann)

Auf Wiederseh'n


Side Two:


Sailor (Seemann)

Banjo Boy

Als Das Heimweh Begann

Der Mond Haelt Seine Wacht

Es Gibt Ein Wiederseh'n

 ** Special Note: According to Klaus Ogermann, this track is classified as an "ancient traditional"; however, the album cover back attributes composition of this track to Ogermann.


Sing-along-liners.JPG - Original liner notes from the LP (writer uncredited).

Personnel: Klaus Ogermann--arranger, composer, conductor. Orchestra and singers uncredited.

Leroy.JPG  Leroy-b.JPG

Leroy Holmes, "Leroy Holmes Goes Latin - Featuring Bossa Nova", United Artists #UAL 3242 (mono)/UAS 3242 (stereo) (1962).[LP]
Leroy Holmes, "Leroy Holmes Goes Bossa Nova", United Artists [Germany] #669 114 (year unknown).[LP]

All music arranged by Claus Ogerman; Ogerman original compositions indicated in the tracklist.


Side 1

One Note Samba


Morena (Ogerman-composed)





Side 2

Tabatinga (Ogerman-composed)

The Jazz Samba (Ogerman-composed)



Nocturne (Ogerman-composed)

O Pato

[Leroy Holmes]


Leroy-liners.JPG - Original LP liner notes by Norman Weiser.

Musician personnel: uncredited on album.

Golden-waltzes.JPG  Golden-waltzes-b.JPG
[Original LP]

GoldenWaltzes-1.png  GoldenWaltzes-2.png
[Original LP labels]

The Broadway String Orchestra, "The Golden Waltzes of Broadway", United Artists #UAS 6253 (stereo)/UAL 3253 (mono) (1962).[LP]

All tracks arranged & conducted by Claus Ogerman. Also contains an Ogerman original composition, "Premiere."


Side 1

By Strauss

Hello Young Lovers

Embassy Waltz

Out Of My Dreams

My Favorite Things



Side 2

Premiere (Ogerman)

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

Falling In Love With Love

I Feel Pretty

Is He The Only Man In The World

A Wonderful Guy


Golden-waltzes-liners.JPG - Original LP liner notes by Norman Weiser.

Gene Pitney, "Gene Pitney Sings Just For You", United Artists [UK] #ULP 1043 (1963).[LP]

Track "Aladdin's Lamp" from "Gene Pitney Sings Just For You" album arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman.

Pitney-sixteen.JPG Pitney-b.JPG
[UK LP Compilation]

BigSixteen-1.png  BigSixteen-2.png
[UK LP Compilation labels]

Gene Pitney, "Gene Pitney's Big Sixteen", United Artists [England] #ULP 1073 (no year specified).[LP Compilation]

Track "Aladdin's Lamp" arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman.


Side 1

The Ship True Love Goodbye

Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa

Only Love Can Break A Heart

Not Responsible

Teardrop By Teardrop

Donna Means Heartbreak

Aladdin's Lamp (arr./cond. Ogerman)

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance


Side 2

Keep Tellin' Yourself


Town Without Pity

Tower Tall

Cry Your Eyes Out

True Love Never Runs Smooth

Take Me Tonight

Half Heaven--Half Heartache

Musician personnel: Gene Pitney, vocals; arrangers/conductors: Claus Ogerman, Garry Sherman, Jerry Ragavoy, Alan Lorber, Burt Bacharach, Stan Applebaum, Chuck Sagle.  Other musicians uncredited.

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