[Above:  Excerpt from Claus Ogerman's "Symbiosis", in his own manuscript]



INTERVIEW SECTION - Claus Ogerman Impressions

The Work of Claus Ogerman

Interview with Harry Duvall

Harry is a retired vocalist living in California who has recorded with Claus Ogerman.

This interview received in email on 12/28/03.

Q. Please state your full name and what instrument(s) you play for our readers, or if you are a vocalist.

A. Harry Duvall - I am a vocalist now retired in my native town of Sacramento, CA. Among other things, I sang baritone with the Four Lads from 1980-95. Recorded with Sinatra and Don Costa on [the] Cycles album and [with] Bennett and Costa on If I Ruled the World/Songs For the Jet Set albums (as part of the Will Bronson Singers.)


Q. What projects/albums did you participate in which had Claus Ogerman arranging, conducting or composing?

A. The Jerry Ross Symposium. Some other bossa nova tunes but can't remember [which] album anymore.  I did record at the [Rudy] Van Gelder studios in NJ and it may be possible that I am indeed on the Stan Getz Voices album. When a friend of mine played the CD for me, I think I recognized the very high female voice on the track "I Didn't Know What Time It Was".  I think it could have been Corinna Manetto - a studio singer [with] whom I worked with frequently and who also was in The Jerry Ross Symposium.


Q. What were your impressions of working with Claus Ogerman? How did you find working with him?

A. Claus was a very professional gentleman and easy to work with - very cool as jazz people would say.


Q. Do you have a favorite Claus Ogerman album? If so, which one(s)?

A. Yes, the Sinatra/Jobim album for which Ogerman arranged and conducted [Francis Albert Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim].  On a side note, I like to occasionally sing the songs from that album with the Ogerman arrangements. Some of them you can purchase as Karaoke tracks and a few of them eliminate the vocal from the original CD very well. I am particularly fond of "Change Partners".


Q. Can you tell us anything further about your experience working with Claus?

A. The song "Brandy" (on The Jerry Ross Symposium) was a challenge as the background vocal parts were difficult. But it was a lot of fun and I wonder whatever happened to the Looking Glass. It seems like he was never heard of again.


Q. How would you best characterize Claus Ogerman as a musician?

A. An extremely talented and tasteful musician. Again, a cool and consummate professional.


Q. What would you like most for people to know about Claus - not only as a musician but also as a person?

A. I did not to get interact much with Claus on a personal basis other than some chatting during sessions. I always found Claus to be very personable and friendly.


Thank you Harry, for doing this interview!

[Webmaster's Note:  I would like to thank Stephan Mayer for his interest in this site and for his help and assistance - without which this interview would not have been possible. Also, Harry Duvall's name appears directly in the vocal credits for The Jerry Ross Symposium, Volume II.]


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