Claus Ogerman 45 rpm Single Records - Telefunken (continued)

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Louis Neefs, Addy Flor und sein Orchester, "Verliebt in dich"/"Schöne Navaja", Telefunken [Germany] #U 55 745 (19__).[45 rpm Picture Sleeve Record]

"Verliebt in dich" composed by Klaus Ogermann.

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"Tennessee" Nash, "Vieja Tierra de Kentucky" / "Rocky", Telefunken [Spain] #TFI-505 (1962).[45 rpm Picture Sleeve Record]

Klaus Ogermann composed both sides of this record.


Martin Böttcher und sein Orchester, "Melodie für Jessica", Telefunken [Germany] #U 56 057 (1969).[45 rpm single]

Claus Ogerman's exact involvement in this single is not yet known, but he either produced the track or published the music. The credit for this single also contained on a Martin Böttcher CD simply states "Claus Ogerman Production".

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