Claus Ogerman 45 rpm Single Records - Telefunken

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Die Septaner - Orchester Klaus Ogermann, "Die Sonne von Venezuela"/"Leise rauscht das Meer", Telefunken [Germany] #U 55 048 (195_).[45 rpm single]

"Die Sonne von Venezuela" composed by Klaus Ogermann.  This single features a studio choir of men and women and is arranged as Hawaiian music with romance and exoticism.

U55067.JPG1  In-der-neuen.gif  Seit-jahren.gif

Die sieben Wanderer - Klaus Ogermann und sein Orchester, "In der neuen Heimat"/"Seit Jahren", Telefunken [Germany] #U 55 067 (195_).[45 rpm Picture Sleeve single]

This single features The Seven Wanderers and possibly the same studio choir as listed above for the Die Septaner - Orchester Klaus Ogermann single.

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Die Septaner - Klaus Ogermann mit seinem Tanzorchester, "Kongo-Baion" / "Bei Buffalo Bill", Telefunken [Holland] #D 18602 (year unknown).[45 rpm single]

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