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[Above: Scenes from the documentary made on Claus Ogerman in 1981]

Documentary on Claus seen only on UK Television

On the 7th of January 1990, UK's Channel 4 repeated a documentary on Claus ("Time Present And Time Past - Symphonic Dances by Claus Ogerman" subtitled "Wer ist...Who is Claus Ogerman(n)?"; this documentary was originally broadcast on the 6th of March 1987 in the UK.  It has not yet appeared on home video/DVD.  It was produced in 1981 by TV2000 Wiesbaden / Gunter Herbertz in collaboration with Allegro Films London and directed by Christopher Nupen.

The transmitted version of the documentary (48 min. 36 seconds) was a shortened version of the original and was produced by Christopher Nupen of Allegro Film Productions, Alte Oper, Opernplatz, D-6000 Frankfurt 1. As well as outlining his formidable collaborations with the likes of Sinatra, Streisand, Grappelli et al, the program included the full recorded studio performance with the London Symphony Orchestra of "Time Present And Time Past" (available on the Music Fidelity Sound Lab CD).

[Webmaster's Note: Let's hope that this gets released to the general public on VHS (or even better on DVD!)]

[Thanks to Christian Webb for supplying the info on this documentary]

Update as of 10/5/03: Christian Webb has received a reply back from Christopher Nupen at Allegro Films. Mr. Nupen said that there are no plans to release the film on a home video format or rebroadcast it on television and also stated that "unless there is a dramatic change in the market, it is unlikely that the film will be released, at least for many years to come." This is very sad news for fans of Claus Ogerman and his music and I have forwarded a reply back to Mr. Nupen on 10/6/03 asking him to please reconsider this decision. I have also asked Claus Ogerman for his help in this regard as well.

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