Claus Ogerman 45 rpm Single Records - Stardust Records:



Tony Middleton/Dean Courtney, "To The Ends Of The Earth"/"Love, You Can't Just Walk Away", Stardust [Canada] #URS 013 (196_).[45 rpm single]***

Other issues of this single are listed separately under their respective record labels.

*** Special Note: Side A of the 45 rpm pictured above is 'To The Ends Of The Earth' by Tony Middleton. Side B is 'Love, You Just Can't Walk Away' by Dean Courtney. The label states Stardust Records is made in the USA for distribution by Underground Records in Willowdale, Ontario, Canada. According to the Ruppli MGM discography (book), the Middleton side is arranged by Claus Ogerman (uncredited on the label) but the original Side B was another Middleton/Ogerman song, "Don't Ever Leave Me." The Dean Courtney song was also originally an MGM single, backed by another Courtney song. At this time, it cannot be verified whether the Stardust 45 rpm pictured above is a legit licensed released via MGM or a bootleg single.

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