Claus Ogerman 45 rpm Single Records - Roulette:

Elliott-joker45.GIF  Elliott-littlebird45.GIF
[White 45 rpm promo single pictured above. "P" on "The Joker" side assumed to mean "Play" or "Plug" side, for featured radio airplay]

Shawn Elliott, "The Joker"/"Little Bird", Roulette #R-4634 (1965).[45 rpm single]
Both sides arranged/conducted by Claus Ogerman.


Side-1.gif  Side-2.gif

Shawn Elliott, "Josephine"/"Il Y Avait Un Oiseau", Roulette [France] #RL 21.195 (196_).[45 rpm single]

Claus Ogerman arranged/conducted both sides of this single.

45-R-12081-ps.jpg  45-R-12081-psb.jpg

45-R-12081.gif  45-R-12081-b.gif

Shawn Elliott, "Shame & Scandal In The Family"/"Josephine", Roulette [France] #45.R.12081 (1975).[45 rpm single]
Claus Ogerman arranged "Josephine".

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