Claus Ogerman 45 rpm Single Records - Polydor (continued):


René Kollo, "Meine große Liebe wohnt in einer kleinen Stadt" / "Bella, Bella, Angela", Polydor [Germany] #52 051 (1964).[45 rpm Picture Sleeve Record]

Klaus Ogermann co-wrote "Bella, Bella, Angela".

IMG_3689.JPG  IMG_3685.png    IMG_3685-b.png

Gina Dobra with Orchester Johannes Gehring, "Oh yes, das wäre prima" / "Du", Polydor [Germany] #52 248 (year unknown).[45 rpm single]

Klaus Ogermann co-wrote the track "Du".

Polydor-52_396ps.JPG   Polydor-52_396ps-b.JPG

52_396_A.gif  52_396_B.gif

Brenda Lee - Orchestra Hans Last, "Ich will immer auf dich warten"/
"Ohne Dich", Polydor [Germany] #52 396 (1964).[45 rpm Picture Sleeve Single]
"Ohne Dich" composed by Klaus Ogermann-Don Christopher-Kurt Schwabach.

Freddy Quinn with Orchester Claus Ogermann, "Adios Mexico"/"Una Carta De Mama", Polydor [Germany] #50 984 (1965).[45 rpm record]
Claus Ogermann is the arranger of both Spanish versions of these tracks.



[Above page notation from discography info contained in the Freddy Quinn, "Fernweh Und Sehnsucht" 8 CD Boxed Set]



Fahrnberger-45.GIF  Fahrnberger-45b.GIF

Geschwister Fahrnberger mit dem Enzian-Sextett, "Es läuten die Glocken am Königsee"/"Drei schneeweiße Lilien", Polydor [Germany] #54 028 S/L (1965).[45 rpm Picture Sleeve Single]

"Es läuten die Glocken am Königsee" co-written by Klaus Ogermann.

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