Claus Ogerman 45 rpm Single Records - Motown Records:



Jerry Ross Symposium, "Duck You Sucker" / "It Happened On A Sunday Morning", Motown Records #M 1209F (1972).[45 rpm single]
This single included in the album "The Jerry Ross Symposium, Volume II".

Arranged/conducted by Claus Ogerman.

Produced by Jerry Ross.

Jerry Ross:  "I don't know how the rumor got started, but all the parts and dates connect!  If true...and I think it is flattering and humorous to me.  Claus and I had just completed an album with the principal lead of one of Daytime TV's most popular soaps on CBS, "LOVE OF LIFE".  His name is Gene Bua and he was as gifted a singer as he was a Soap idol.  Full orchestra...great standard songs...some new...and of course the magnificent charts of Claus.  Claus and I followed that collaborative experience together with the planning and recording of The Jerry Ross Symposium.  It was a tribute...with full orchestra and chorus of some of the treasures and hits of that era.  We had already booked the session studio dates and the orchestra for the following day when Claus got a phone call from one of Sinatra's people.  (Claus had previously written some fantastic charts for many Franks classic songs.)  Frank wanted Claus ASAP to work on his latest project.  Claus responds with "I can't break away now...I'm busy working with JERRY ROSS."  P.S.:  I understand that Frank never called him again!"

--Taken from "The Hitmaking Artistry of Jerry Ross - You Gave Us Something To Love" by Jason H. Thornton, words by Jerry Ross. It appeared in There's That Beat #8, a soul music fanzine.

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