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1133-b.JPG  1133.JPG
[Gatefold outer cover of "1133" completely unfolded to show full photo]

Various Artists, "1133", RCA Victor #PRS-281 (1968).[LP Compilation]

Contains the track "The Joker" from Watusi Trumpets  performed by Claus Ogerman and His Orchestra.

This album is packaged in a "Special Collector's Edition" container [gatefold cover].  Program and biographical notes by Skitch Henderson on inside of "container".

The explanation for the unusual title of "1133" may be contained in this bit of RCA Victor history:

"In 1969, RCA Victor moved to 1133 6th Avenue at 44th St (NY). In the 1980s the building and surrounding properties were acquired by the CUNY (City University of New York) and used by them until the late 1990s. The entire block was destroyed when Baruch College expanded but prior to demolition, while empty, the building was rented for use in the filming of the 1997 film "The Devil's Own" starring Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt. The site is now occupied by Baruch's new vertical campus."

(excerpt from "RCA Victor Studio A, NY" at



Sophisticated Lady - performed by Duke Ellington and His Orchestra

Call Me Irresponsible - performed by Peter Nero

Canadian Sunset - performed by Eddie Heywood

I've Got The World On A String - performed by Earl Hines and His Boys

Dancing On The Ceiling - performed by Skitch Henderson and His Orchestra

A Man And A Woman - performed by Living Jazz

The Joker - performed by Claus Ogerman and His Orchestra (arranged by Ogerman)

A Taste Of Honey - performed by Paul Desmond

The Girl From Ipanema - performed by The Anita Kerr Singers

Blue Monday Blues - performed by Skitch Henderson and His Orchestra


Gatefold-inside2.JPG  Gatefold-inside.JPG
[Gatefold inside covers of "1133"]


1133-liners.JPG - Part 1 of liner notes written by Skitch Henderson.

1133-liners2.JPG - Part 2 of liner notes written by Skitch Henderson.

Rca-set.JPG  Rca-set-booklet.JPG
[PRS-285 Boxed Set (left) and included booklet (right)]

PRS-285-1-Side1.png  PRS-285-1-Side2.png  PRS-285-2-Side1.png  PRS-285-2-Side2.png

PRS-285-3-Side1.png  PRS-285-3-Side2.png  PRS-285-4-Side1.png  PRS-284-4-Side2.png

PRS-285-5-Side1.png  PRS-285-5-Side2.png

[PRS-285 Boxed Set LP labels]

Various Artists, "Music Makes the Scene/Jamboree Country & Western Style/Stereorama Sounds", RCA Victor #PRS-285 (1969).[5 LP boxed set]

Includes 3 tracks from Claus' "Soul Searchin'" and "Watusi Trumpets" RCA albums:

Record 1, Side 1: - MUSIC MAKES THE SCENE

Claus Ogerman and his Orchestra - "Soul Searchin'"
Claus Ogerman and his Orchestra - "House of the Rising Sun"


Claus Ogerman and his Orchestra - "It's Not Unusual"

From the boxed set booklet:

"If you don't dig Claus Ogerman, you're simply not with it! Recordings/RCA_Victor by this jazz-oriented arranger-conductor are in demand for any and every happening. One of his most spiritied successes is called 'Soul Searchin', a groovy rock number with a total beat. . . . The 'love generation' is a term which some of today's teens apply to themselves. They are overwhelmingly intense about what they say and do. Arranger-conductor Claus Ogerman is an intense musician. His approach is distinctive and sometimes does not conform. Ogerman's encore for this musical scene is his interpretation of a sparkling novelty from England, 'House of the Rising Sun.'. . .For music in the modern manner, it's Claus Ogerman illustrating the magic of stereo with the delightfully melodic 'It's Not Unusual'."

Best-of-ames.JPG  Best-of-ames-b.JPG

Ed Ames, "The Best of Ed Ames", RCA Victor #LSP-4184 (1969).[LP Compilation]
Claus Ogerman's participation indicated on tracklist below.


My Cup Runneth Over

Try To Remember (arr./cond. Ogerman) ***

Who Will Answer?

Bon Soir Dame


The Impossible Dream

The Color of Snow

Changing, Changing

Kiss Her Now

Time, Time

When The Snow Is On The Roses

*** Special Note: the back cover of this compilation states that Claus Ogerman only conducted "Try To Remember", but the on the original album this track is taken from (Opening Night With Ed Ames), Claus is credited with both arranging and conducting the track.

Produced by Jim Fogelsong.


Della Reese, "Voice Of An Angel", RCA #RCA66917.2 (1999).[Compilation CD]

This compilation CD contains a previously unreleased track of "Call Me", originally arranged/conducted by Klaus Ogerman in 1964.


Reese-swingcd.JPG  Reese-swingcdb.JPG

Della Reese, "Swing, Slow, and Cha Cha Cha", RCA/BMG [Germany] #BMG184439.2 (2001).[CD Compilation]

This compilation CD from Germany contains "Call Me", originally arranged/conducted by Claus Ogerman in 1964.  This same track appears and is credited to Claus within a U.S. compilation entitled Voice Of An Angel, pictured and listed elsewhere on this site.



Various Artists, "Heartbreakers - Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack", RCA Victor #663770-2 (2001).[CD]
Track 2 - Antonio Carlos Jobim:  "Agua De Beber" (1963) was arranged/conducted by Claus Ogerman.



Ed Ames, "RCA 100th Anniversary Series: The Very Best of Ed Ames", RCA #69394 (2001).[CD]

This is a title from RCA's 100th Anniversary Series which was celebrated in 2001.

Claus Ogerman is an arranger for one of the tracks on this compilation (see tracklist).


My Cup Runneth Over
Try To Remember (arr. Ogerman)
All My Love's Laughter
Time, Time
They Call The Wind Maria
Thing Called Love
Who Will Answer (Aleluya No. 1)
Son Of A Travelin' Man
Kiss Her Now
There's A Kind Of Hush (All Over The World)
Changing, Changing
When The Snow Is On The Roses

Personnel: Ed Ames (vocal); Claus Ogerman (arranger, conductor); Perry Botkin Jr., Al Capps, Artie Butler, Jimmy Haskell (arranger, conductor).  Other music personnel uncredited/unverifiable.

Includes liner notes by Joseph F. Laredeo.

Producer: Jim Fogelsong

Compilation producer: Paul Williams

All tracks digitally remastered.

We-love-ny.JPG  We-love-ny-b.JPG

Various Artists, "We Love New York", RCA Victor/BMG #09026-63962-2 (2002).[CD Compilation]
Contains "Spanish Harlem", sung by Tommy Leonetti and arranged/conducted by Claus Ogerman.

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