Claus Ogerman - RCA Victor Records (continued):



Various Artists, "Selection du Disque - Letkiss, Bostella et Cie", RCA Victor [France] #K.999 (1965).[LP Compilation]

This French RCA compilation record contains "La Bostella" as arranged/conducted by Claus Ogerman.

Admiral.JPG  Admiral-b.JPG

Various Artists, "Admiral Demo Record", RCA Victor #PRS-218 (196_).[LP]

Demo record that came with the Admiral Quality Stereo and includes previously recorded and released music by RCA artists Chet Atkins, Three Suns, Leo Addeo (Calypso), John Gary, Carol Channing, Claus Ogerman, Sid Ramin, Arthur Fiedler, Frankie Carle, and Bill Gale.


Side 1


Opening Announcement

Calypso - Leo Addeo - "Marianne"

Theme Music - Arthur Fiedler/Boston Pops - "Tom Jones"

Discotheque - The Three Suns - "Movin 'n' Groovin'"

Popular - Male Vocal - John Gary - "My Kind of Girl"

Ballroom - Arthur Murray Orchestra - "Everything's Coming Up Roses"

Country Guitar - Chet Atkins - "Salty Dog Rag"


Side 2

Popular - Female Vocal - Carol Channing - "Put On Your Sunday Clothes"

Broadway - Claus Ogerman - "The Joker"

Studio Orchestra - Sid Ramin - "Nola"

Film Background - Chet Atkins - "Always On Saturday"

Broadway - Leo Addeo - "Hello, Dolly!"

Hootenanny - Frankie Carle - "My True Carrie Love"

Polka - Bill Gale - "Beer Barrel Polka"

Balancing Signals - Left/Right Identification


Various Artists, "Sounds of the Sixties", RCA Victor #PRS-219 (1966).[5 LP Boxed Set Compilation]

Claus Ogerman is involved with the following tracks on this boxed set:
LP 3 -
Shindig (Claus Ogerman and His Orch., performing)

LP 4 -
Sunrise, Sunset (Arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman; performed by Claus Ogerman and His Orchestra)

LP 5 -
Downtown (Claus Ogerman and His Orch., performing)


LP-3.jpg - Tracklist and performers for LP 3

LP-3_Liner1.jpg - Part 1 liner notes for LP 3

LP-3_Liner2.jpg - Part 2 liner notes for LP 3

LP-4.jpg - Tracklist and performers for LP 4

LP-4_Liner1.jpg - Part 1 liner notes for LP 4

LP-4_Liner2.jpg - Part 2 liner notes for LP 4

LP-5.jpg - Tracklist and performers for LP 5

LP-5_Liner1.jpg - Part 1 liner notes for LP 5

LP-5_Liner2.jpg - Part 2 liner notes for LP 5

[Original Mono LP]

LPM%203640-AMono.png  LPM%203640-BMono.png
[Original Mono LP labels]


[Original Stereo LP]

LSP%203540-AStereo.png  LSP%203640-BStereo.png
[Original Stereo LP labels]

[Alternate cover image found for this album, country unknown]

 Saxes-8track-front.JPG  Saxes-8track-endlabel.JPG
[Rare Stereo 8 track tape of the same album]

Claus Ogerman and His Orchestra, "Saxes Mexicanos", RCA Victor #LPM/LSP-3640 (mono/stereo) (1966).[LP]
Claus Ogerman and His Orchestra, "Saxes Mexicanos", RCA Victor #P8S-1161 (197_). [Stereo 8 track tape]

Entire album arranged/conducted by Claus Ogerman.  Album also contains Claus Ogerman composition "Nancy's Theme".


Side One
Side Two

King Of The Road



Nancy's Theme (Ogerman)

St. James Infirmary


Bewitched (from the musical production "Pal Joey")

You And I (Voce e Eu)

My Honey's Lovin' Arms

Come Thursday

Apples and Bananas

Just Friends


   Saxes.pdf - Liner notes written by John Lissner.

Musician personnel: orchestra personnel unknown; organist is Dick Hyman (uncredited); Claus Ogerman, arranger/conductor.

Andy Wiswell--Producer.

Webmaster's favorite tracks on this album: "Nancy's Theme", Apples and Bananas", "Always", "Nightmare".

[Stereo Box Set]

Swinging-238-1A.png  Swinging-238-1B.png  Swinging-238-2A.png  Swinging-238-2B.png

Swinging-238-3A.png  Swinging-238-3B.png
[Stereo Box Set LP labels]

Various Artists, "Stereo for the Swinging Season", RCA Victor #PRS-238 (1967).[3 LP Boxed Set Compilation]

Contains selected tracks from Claus Ogerman's RCA albums on Record 1, Side 1: Fiddler On The Roof, It's Not Unusual, Downtown, Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Green Onions and King of the Road.


Swinging-liners.JPG - Liner notes from inner sleeve of Record 1 which talk about Claus Ogerman.

Sounds-terrific.JPG  Sounds-terrific-b.JPG

Various Artists, "Sounds Terrific", RCA Victor #PRS-268 (1968).[Demo LP]

This album contains the track "It's Not Unusual" performed by Claus Ogerman and His Orchestra.
Track is from the RCA LP Watusi Trumpets.


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