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Claus Ogerman - Project 3:

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Urbie Green, "Urbie Green's Big Beautiful Band", Project 3 #PR5087 (1974).[LP]

Contains an arrangement conducted by Claus Ogerman (see tracklist).


Side One


Ana Luiza (arr. Ogerman)


Alone Again, Naturally


Side Two

St. Louis Blues

A Very Precious Love

What Have They Done To My Song, Ma?


Green-liners.JPG - Original uncredited liner notes from the LP.

Musician personnel: Marvin Stamm, Bernie Glow, Bob McCoy, Markie Markowitz, Mel Davis (trumpet); Wayne Andre, Garnett Brown, Buddy Morrow, Sonny Russo, Paul Faulise, Urbie Green (trombone); George Young, Frank Weiss, Eddie Daniels, Arnie Lawrence, Phil Bodner, Danny Banks (saxophones); Richard Davis (bass); Grady Tate (drums); Tony Mottola (guitar).
Arrangers: Claus Ogerman, Dick Hyman, Wayne Andre, Johnny Carisi, Dick Lieb. Jeff Hest.

Soloists on specific tracks: "Sing" - Marvin Stamm (trumpet), Eddie Daniels (tenor sax), Frank Wess (flute), Urbie Green (trombone).
"St. Louis Blues": Eddie Daniels (tenor sax), Marvin Stamm (trumpet), George Young (soprano sax), Derek Smith (piano), Grady Tate (drums) and Richard Davis (bass).
"What Have They Done To My Song, Ma?": Urbie Green (trombone), George Young (soprano sax), Eddie Daniels (tenor sax), Marvin Stamm (trumpet), Bob McCoy (trumpet).

Produced by Enoch Light.


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