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Claus Ogerman - Preciosa Aulos:


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[Original LP]

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[Original LP labels]


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[2005 CD Reissue]

Claus Ogermann, "Chorlieder", Preciosa Aulos [Germany] #68519 (1985).[LP]
Claus Ogermann, "Chorlieder", Preciosa Aulos [Germany] #66003 (1985).[CD]
(This same album also knows as:) The Cologne Radio Chorus, "Claus Ogermann - Ten Songs For Chorus", Preciosa Aulos [Germany] #66003 (1985).[CD]
Claus Ogermann, "Chorlieder", Preciosa Aulos #AUL 66003 (2005).[CD Reissue]
Lieder (Songs) for Chorus after poems by Georg Heym, music composed by Claus Ogermann.



LYRICS (German and English):

Autumnal-garden.JPG - "Autumnal Garden" German/English lyrics

To-the-sea-german.JPG - "To the Sea" German lyrics

To-the-sea-english.JPG - "To the Sea" English lyrics

Rushed-the-carousels.JPG - "Where Only Recently Rushed the Carousels" German/English lyrics

Autumn.JPG - "Autumn" German/English lyrics.

O-wide-evening.JPG - "O Wide Evening" German/English lyrics.

Spring.JPG - "Spring" German/English lyrics.

But-suddenly-there-comes.JPG - "But Suddenly There Comes a Vast Dying" German/English lyrics.

In-a-brief-evening.JPG - "In a Brief Evening" German/English lyrics.

The-forest.JPG - "The Forest" German/English lyrics.

Mid-winter.JPG - "Mid-Winter" German/English lyrics.

Personnel: The Chorus of Radio Station WDR, Cologne, Directed by Herbert Schernus; Claus Ogerman, composer-arranger.  English translation of German lyrics by Heidy Meynard.



Chorlieder-liners.JPG - Original uncredited liner notes on Georg Heym & Claus Ogermann, from the LP.

Chorlieder-cd-liners1.JPG - New liner notes from the 2005 CD Reissue.

Chorlieder-cd-liners2.JPG - Continuation of new liner notes from the 2005 CD Reissue.


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