Claus Ogerman - PolyGram (continued):


Various Artists, "Jazzy: Lost & Found Soul Jazz Moods ", PolyGram [Italy] #__________ (1998).[Digipak CD]

This CD Compilation contains "Uptown Dance" (performed by Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra) which is a Claus Ogerman composition.

Jack Teagarden, "Think Well of Me", PolyGram #314-557101-2 (1998).[CD]

Album contains one track arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman:  "Where Are You?"


Where Are You? (arr. Ogerman)
Cottage for Sale
Guess I'll Go Back Home This Summer
I'm a Fool About My Mama
Don't Smoke in Bed
In a Little Waterfront Cafe
Think Well of Me
Old Folks
Country Boy Blues
Tain't So Honey, Tain't So
'Round My Old Deserted Farm

Personnel: Bob Brookmeyer--Arranger, Conductor; Art Davis--Bass; Don Goldie--Trumpet; Jack Teagarden--Trombone, Vocals; Bernie Leighton--Piano, Celeste; Russ Case--Arranger, Conductor; Claus Ogermann--Arranger, conductor; Barry Galbraith--Guitar; Richard Seidel--Executive Producer; Creed Taylor--Producer.

Jimmy Smith, "Any Number Can Win", PolyGram #557447 (1998).[CD]
Arranged by Claus Ogerman, Billy Byers, and Jimmy Smith. See tracklist for arranging credits.

You Came a Long Way from St. Louis (arr. Ogerman)
Ape Woman (arr. Byers)
Georgia on My Mind (arr. Ogerman)
G'won Train (arr. Byers)
Theme from "Any Number Can Win" (arr. Ogerman)
What'd I Say? (arr. Smith)
The Sermon (arr. Smith)
Ruby (arr. Ogerman)
Tubs (arr. Smith)
Blues for C.A. (arr. Byers)


On G'won Train, Tubs, You Came a Long Way from St. Louis:

Jimmy Smith, organ; Kenny Burrell, guitar; Jimmy Maxwell, Joe Newman, Charlie Shavers, trumpets; Kai Winding, Jimmy Cleveland, Melba Liston, Paul Faulise, trombones; Jerry Dodgion, Marvin Holladay, Bud Johnson, Seldon Powell, Phil Woods, saxes; Herb Lovelle, drums; George Devens, percussion; Art Davis, bass.

On Blues for C.A. and The Ape Women:

Jimmy Smith, organ; Kenny Burrell, guitar; Jimmy Maxwell, Joe Newman, Snooky Young, trumpets; Kai Winding, Jimmy Cleveland, Melba Liston, Paul Faulise, trombones; Jerry Dodgion, Marvin Holladay, Budd Johnson, Seldon Powell, Phil Woods, seaxes; Herb Lovell, drums; George Devens, percussion; Art Davis, bass; Bob Bushness, Fender bass.

On Theme from "Any Number Can Win", Ruby, Georgia On My Mind:

Jimmy Smith, organ; Kenny Burrell, guitar; Joe Newman, James Sedlar, trumpets; Jerome Richardson, Budd Johnson, saxes; Billy Mure, guitar; Milt Hinton, bass; Vince Gambella, guitar; Bob Bushness, Fender bass; Bobby Donaldson, drums, Doug Allan and Art Mariotti, percussion.

On What'd I Say and The Sermon:

Jimmy Smith, organ; Kenny Burrell, guitar; George Duvivier, bass; Mel Lewis, drums.

Produced by Creed Taylor.

Stan Getz "What the World Needs Now: Stan Getz Plays Bacharach & David", PolyGram #557450 (1998).[CD]

Arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman and Richard Evans.
Tracks with Claus Ogerman's involvement indicated on tracklist below.


Wives And Lovers
Windows Of The World
The Look Of Love (arr./cond. Ogerman)
Any Old Time Of The Day
In Times Like These
House Is Not A Home
Trains And Boats And Planes
What The World Needs Now Is Love
In Between The Heartaches
Walk On By
House Is Not A Home
In Between Heartaches
My Own True Love (arr./cond. Ogerman)
Tara's Theme (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Personnel: Ron Carter--Bass; Stan Getz--Sax (Tenor); Jim Hall--Guitar; Herbie Hancock--Piano; Grady Tate--Drums; Phil Upchurch--Guitar; Richard Evans--Arranger, Conductor; David Nadien--Violin; Walter Booker--Bass; Gloria Agostini--Harp; Kenny Burrell--Guitar; Artie Butler--Percussion; David Carey--Vibraphone; Claus Ogerman--Arranger, Conductor; Chick Corea--Piano; Paul Gershman--Violin; Roy Haynes--Drums; Charles McCracken--Cello; Bobby Rosengarden--Percussion; Bill Horwath--Cymbalom; Curtis Prince--Drums.


Various Artists, "The Bossa Nova Story", PolyGram [Japan] CD #557533 (1998).[CD Compilation]

This is a 3-disc box set featuring several of Verve's Bossa recording artists.

The tracks arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman on this set are:  Astrud Gilberto's "Day By Day"[from the "Shadow of Your Smile" album], Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Corcovado", "Vivo Sonhando", "So Danco Samba", "Desafinado", "Agua de Beber","O Morro Nao Tem Vez", "Insensatez" [from the "Composer of 'Desafinado' Plays" album], and "Aguas de Marco" [from the "Jobim/Matita Peré" album].


Various Artists, "Uno Dos Tres: Latin Jazz Grooves", PolyGram #559216 (1998).[CD Compilation boxed set]

Contains Cal Tjader/Eddie Palmieri's "Los Jibaros" (from the "El Sonido Nuevo" album), arranged & conducted by Claus Ogerman.

Wes Montgomery, "Tequila", PolyGram #54776 (1999).[CD Reissue]

See note below which explains Claus Ogerman's involvement on this album.

Tracks (on the original LP):

Midnight Mood *
Bumpin' On Sunset *
What the World Needs Now Is Love
How Insensative *
The Big Hurt *
The Thumb
Little Child *

* Special Note:  Site research assistant Peter Bay has confirmed that "The Verve Master Edition CD Reissue of this album contains a total of 12 tracks as opposed to the original LP which has 8 tracks.  On the original LP, Claus Ogerman arranged only these tracks with overdubbed strings: 'Little Child,' 'The Big Hurt,' 'Bumpin' On Sunset,' 'Insensatez,' (How Insensative) and 'Midnight Mood.' This information was confirmed by that given on the CD reissue of this album - despite the fact that the original LP cover says that the album is 'arranged by Claus Ogerman'".

Musician personnel:  Ray Barretto--Conga; Ron Carter--Bass; Wes Montgomery--Guitar; Grady Tate--Drums; Claus Ogermann--Conductor/Arranger; George Devens--Vibraphone, Vocals (bckgr); Bernard Eichen--Violin; Arnold Eidus--Violin; Paul Gershman--Violin; Emanuel Green--Violin; Harry Lookofsky--Violin; Julius Held--Violin; Joseph Malin--Violin; Charles McCracken--Cello; Gene Orloff--Violin; George Ricci--Cello; Harvey Shapiro--Cello; Abe Kessler--Cello; Joe Malin--Violin.

Original gatefold LP produced by Creed Taylor.


Various Artists, "Cafe Apres-Midi:  Olive", PolyGram [Japan] #______ (2000).[CD Compilation]

This CD Compilation contains the track "Sunny" performed by Oscar Peterson and arranged/conducted by Claus Ogerma


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