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Clifford Brown, Chet Baker, "Black and White Serie Vol. 1: The Two Trumpet Geniuses of the Fifties, Brownie & Chet", Philology Records [Italy] #214 W 13 (year unspecified).[LP]

This album contains a single performance by The Claus Ogerman Octet (though identified on the back of the album as Chet Baker Group), "Sweet Georgia Brown".

Performance originally televised and recorded in Baden-Baden, Germany in 1955.  The television show was "Jazz Gehort und Gesehen".  This is one of the performances Claus Ogerman played with Chet Baker that Claus talks about at the bottom of page 3 in Gene Lees' Jazzletter publication which can be read in the "Tidbits and News" section of this site.

Musician personnel: Chet Baker (trumpet, vocals); Werner Rehm (trumpet), Dick Simon (trombone), Gustl Mayer (clarinet), Rolf Schneebiegl (vibes); Claus Ogerman (piano).  Unknown bassist and drummer.

Album produced by Paolo Piangiarelli.

Chet Baker and Claus Ogerman (Germany, 1955)

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