A photo of Claus Ogerman from the back cover of his early "Watusi Trumpets" album.


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 Claus Ogerman - Pgd Special Markets:



Lesley Gore, "The Best of Lesley Gore", Pgd Special Markets #520388 (1998).[Compilation CD]

This CD contains tracks arranged/conducted by Claus Ogerman (see tracklist below).


1. It's My Party (arr./cond. Ogerman)

2. You Don't Own Me (arr./cond. Ogerman)

3. Look Of Love (arr./cond. Ogerman)

4. That's The Way Boys Are (arr./cond. Ogerman)

5. Brink Of Disaster

6. All Of My Life (arr./cond. Ogerman)

7. Magic Colors

8. California Nights

9. Maybe I Know (arr./cond. Ogerman)

10. Off And Running

11. What Am I Gonna Do With You


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