Claus Ogerman - Metro Records:

Wes Montgomery, "Tequila", Metro Records [import] #2348-117 (year unknown).[LP]

Note the mispelling of the track "The Thumb".

Claus Ogerman's involvement in this album is detailed below the tracklist.


Midnight Mood *
Bumpin' On Sunset *
What the World Needs Now Is Love
How Insensative *
The Big Hurt *
The Thumb
Little Child *

* Special Note:  Site research assistant Peter Bay has confirmed that "The Verve Master Edition CD Reissue of this album contains a total of 12 tracks as opposed to the original LP which has 8 tracks.  On the original LP, Claus Ogerman arranged only these tracks with overdubbed strings: 'Little Child,' 'The Big Hurt,' 'Bumpin' On Sunset,' 'Insensatez,' (How Insensative) and 'Midnight Mood.' This information was confirmed by that given on the CD reissue of this album - despite the fact that the original (Verve) LP cover says that the album is 'arranged by Claus Ogerman'".

Webmaster's Note:  There are two tracks recorded with all of the above which were not a part of the original "Tequila" recording:
Bumpin' On Sunset (alt. take) Master Number:  71L2698
The Big Hurt (alt. take) Master Number:  71L2696

Jimmy Smith Plus Big Band, "A Walk On The Wild Side", Metro Records [UK] #2364015 (1964).[2-LP Compilation Set]

Claus Ogerman arranged several tracks on this record set.

All tracks originally produced by Creed Taylor.

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