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Lesley Gore, "Girl Talk", Mercury Wing #SR 16530 (1968).[LP Reissue]
Lesley Gore, "Girl Talk", Wing [UK] #WL 1183 (1968).[LP]  Album cover photo for this UK version different than the U.S. release.

Entire album arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman.


Hey Now

Live and Learn

Say Goodbye

Look of Love

You've Come Back

Little Girl Go Home

I Died Inside

Wonder Boy

Movin' Away

It's Just About That Time

Special Note: This album was available in both 10 and 12 track versions. The 12 version LP was the original, with the 10 track version being the reissue.  The 12 track version also included "Maybe I Know" and "Sometimes I Wish I Were A Boy".


Girltalk-liners.JPG - Original uncredited liners from the 10 track Reissue LP.

Produced by Quincy Jones.

Gore-soundof.JPG  Gore-soundof-b.JPG

Lesley Gore, "The Sound of Young Love", Mercury Wing #PKW-2-119 (196_).[2 LP Compilation]

This compilation package is a reissue of the albums "Girl Talk" (Side 1 and 2 of this set, arranged & conducted by Claus Ogerman) along with the album "Love, Love, Love" within one gatefold package.


Gore-soundof-liners.JPG - Uncredited liners from the compilation LP set.

Produced by Shelby S. Singleton.


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