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 Claus Ogerman - Mercury Records (continued):

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Various Artists, "Dancing Discotheque", Mercury #MG-20964/SR-60964 (mono/stereo) (1964).[Compilation LP]

Contains "Susie Ska" arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman and performed by Jeff Bowen.


Dancing-disco-liners.JPG - from the original LP by Bill Petan.

Dancing-dicso-liner2.JPG - from the original LP by Bill Petan.

Lesley Gore, "Look of Love", Mercury #SR 60998 (1964).[LP Reissue]
Album cover photo not available at this time.
Entire album arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman.
This album is a later reissue of the same material on the earlier Lesley Gore Girl Talk album.

Tracks included on this LP:

Hey Now

Live and Learn

Say Goodbye

Look of Love

You've Come Back

Little Girl Go Home

I Died Inside

Wonder Boy

Movin' Away

It's Just About That Time

Maybe I Know

Sometimes I Wish I Were A Boy

Produced by Quincy Jones.

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Lesley Gore, "My Town, My Guy and Me", Mercury #SR 61042 (stereo) (1965).[LP]
Tracks arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman are indicated on the tracklist below.


Side 1

My Town, My Guy And Me

What's A Girl Supposed To Do (arr. Ogerman)

What Am I Gonna Do With You

You Didn't Look 'Round (arr. Ogerman)

I Don't Care (arr. Ogerman)

No Matter What You Do


Side 2

Baby That's Me

A Girl In Love

The Things We Did Last Summer

Just Another Fool

Let Me Dream

Before And After (arr. Ogerman)


Gore-mytownliners.JPG - Original LP liner notes by John Lissner.

Album produced by Quincy Jones

Golden-gore-lp.JPG  Golden-gore-lp-b.JPG
[10-track LP Compilation Reissue]


Golden-gore.JPG  Golden-gore-b.JPG
[CD Compilation Reissue with bonus tracks]

Lesley Gore, "The Golden Hits of Lesley Gore", Mercury #MG 21024/#SR 61024 (1965).[LP Compilation]
Lesley Gore, "The Golden Hits of Lesley Gore", Mercury #MG 21024/#SR 61024 (196_).[LP Compilation Reissue]
Lesley Gore, "The Golden Hits of Lesley Gore", Mercury [Australia] #810 270-2 (19__).[CD Compilation]
Lesley Gore, "The Golden Hits of Lesley Gore", Mercury #810370-4 (19__).[CS]

The CD Reissue contains 8 bonus tracks; a total of 14 arrangements by Claus Ogerman are included on the CD compilation.  As with other Mercury albums, the original issued LP contain 12 tracks and budget reissues contain 10 tracks.

Tracklist for LP Compilation Reissue (all arranged/conducted by Claus Ogerman):

It's My Party

She's A Fool

Judy's Turn To Cry

Just Let Me Cry

That's The Way The Boys Are

You Don't Own Me

Maybe I Know

Hey Now

Look Of Love

Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows

Special Note: On the monaural issue of the 12-track LP, 1965 original release of "Golden Hits" on LP, "You Don't Own Me" and "I Don't Wanna Be a Loser" are both sung outside of the echo chamber in single-voice alternate takes.

Tracklist for CD Reissue:

It's My Party (arr./cond. Ogerman) [Charted #1 on Billboard]

Judy's Turn To Cry (arr./cond. Ogerman) [Charted #5 on Billboard]

Just Let Me Cry (arr./cond. Ogerman)

She's A Fool (arr./cond. Ogerman) [Charted #5 on Billboard]

The Old Crowd (arr./cond. Ogerman) [BONUS TRACK]

You Don't Own Me (arr./cond. Ogerman) [Charted #2 on Billboard] [BONUS TRACK]

That's The Way The Boys Are (arr./cond. Ogerman)

I Don't Wanna Be A Loser (arr./cond. Ogerman) [BONUS TRACK]

Maybe I Know (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Wonder Boy (arr./cond. Ogerman) [BONUS TRACK]

Hey Now (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Look Of Love (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows (arr./cond. Ogerman)

My Town, My Guy And Me [BONUS TRACK]

You Didn't Look 'Round (arr./cond. Ogerman) [BONUS TRACK]

What Am I Gonna Do With You [BONUS TRACK]

Off And Running [BONUS TRACK]

California Nights [BONUS TRACK]

Original LP musician personnel: Quincy Jones--Producer; Lesley Gore--Vocals; Claus Ogerman--arranger/conductor.
CD Reissue musician personnel: Quincy Jones--Producer; Bob Crewe--Producer; Lesley Gore--Vocals; Claus Ogerman, Don Costa and Jack Nitsche, arrangers and conductors.

LP produced by Quincy Jones; CD Reissue produced by Quincy Jones & Bob Crewe.

CD Reissue LINER NOTES by Kenneth Kendall:


CD Compilation by Tim Rogers.

Special Note:  Lesley Gore credited Claus Ogerman directly for his work with her in an interview with Gary James when he asked the following question:

Q - I loved the sound of your records. Is that all Quincy Jones, or did you have a big input into that?

A - I think it was really a triumvirate of creative people...Quincy being kind of the head guy, the guy at the top of the pyramid. Then, perhaps myself down at the lower left corner, and there was a third guy who was very, very prominent in helping us get that sound and he was the arranger, Klaus Ogerman. So, the way we worked it, Klaus and I spent a lot of time together going through material. We would take what we thought was the best of the crop and kind of put it into my range and do a kind of piano / voice arrangement. Then, we would bring Quincy in and go over it again and see how we felt about those tunes. So, Klaus did a lot of arranging because of my voice and because of where the range was. So, it really was a melding of 3 creative people.

[Full interview can be read at:]

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Ray Rivera and His Orchestra, "Latin Workout", Mercury #SR-61182 (1968).[LP]

Entire album arranged and produced by Claus Ogerman.


Side 1

Love Is Blue

Ode To Billy Joe

Pata Pata

How Can I Be Sure

Ciao Baby

Happy Laffer


Side 2

Bend Me, Shape Me

Cuchy Frito Man


Latin Workout

Portrait Of Kim



Rivera-liners.JPG - Original uncredited liner notes from the LP.

Cd-cover.JPG  CD-b-cover.JPG

Dinah Washington, "The Complete Dinah Washington On Mercury, Vol. 7", Mercury #838 960-2 (1989).[3 CD set]
This album is made up of Recordings/Mercury originally made in 1961.

Claus Ogerman is an uncredited arranger on several tracks on this CD set.

Disc tracklists, musician personnel for all tracks and session discography lists:


LINER NOTES by James Isaacs and CD production credits:


Lesley Gore, "It's My Party", Mercury #836 688-2 (1991).[CD Compilation]
This compilation contains these tracks arranged/conducted by Claus Ogerman: It's My Party, The Old Crowd, Look of Love, Maybe I Know, That's The Way The Boys Are, and You Don't Own Me.


Leslie Gore, "It's My Party: The Mercury Anthology", Mercury #532517 (1996).[2 CD compilation set]

Contains tracks arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman.

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