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Fritz Schulz-Reichel (aka Crazy Otto), "Crazy Otto Plays Crazy Tunes", MGM #SE-4150 (1963).[LP]
Tracks which are composed by Claus Ogerman are indicated in the tracklist, below.


Side 1:

Crazy Rhythm (Caesar/Meyer/Cahn)

A Crazy Girl (Ogerman)

Oh! You Crazy Moon (Van Heusen/Burke)

Crazy Fingers (Ogerman)

K-Ra-Zy For You  (G. & I. Gershwin)

I Had The Craziest Dream (Gordon/Warren)


Side 2:

You're Driving me Crazy (Donaldson)

Crazy Italiano (Heigel - pen name of Claus Ogerman)

Crazy She Calls Me (Russell/Sigman)

Crazy Elbows  (Hart/Rodgers)

Crazy In The Heart  (Wilder/Engvick)

Crazy Words - Crazy Tunes  (Yellin/Ager)

LINER NOTES from the LP by Dr. Evan Wheedleman:

Crazyotto-liners.JPG - Part 1 of liner notes.

Crazyotto-liners2.JPG - Part 2 of liner notes.

Evans-vip.JPG  Evans-vip-b.JPG

Bill Evans - His Piano and Orchestra, "Bill Evans Plays the Theme from 'The V.I.P.s' and Other Great Songs", MGM #E/SE 4184 (1963).[LP]

CD Reissues of this album are located within their respective record labels.

All music on this album arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman; Bill Evans & Claus Ogerman also co-composed one track on this album (see tracklist).


Side One

Theme From "Mr. Novak"

The Caretakers Theme


Walk On The Wild Side

The Days of Wine and Roses

Theme From "The V.I.P.s"


Side Two

Hollywood (Evans-Ogerman composed)

Sweet September

On Green Dolphin Street

The Man With The Golden Arm


On Broadway


Evans-vipliners.JPG - Original uncredited liner notes from the LP.

Musician personnel: Bill Evans (piano) and Claus Ogerman (arranger/composer/conductor); unidentified orchestra, choir and rhythm but including Harry Lookofsky (concertmaster), Carl Lynch (guitar); Milt Hinton or Whitey Mitchell (bass).

Webmaster's Note:  to read a superb multi-part interview with producer Creed Tayor concerning the recording of this album, go HERE.

Produced by Creed Taylor.

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John Green/Richard Chamberlain, "Twilight of Honor" (OST), MGM #SE-4185 ST (1963).[LP]

This album contains Claus Ogerman's arrangement of "55 Days at Peking", performed by Bill Evans and Orchestra.

LINER NOTES from the Original LP, uncredited:



Pat-thomas-US.JPG  Pat-thomas-US-b.JPG
[U.S. release]


Thomas.JPG  Thomas-b.JPG
[UK LP release]

Pat Thomas, "Moody's Mood", MGM #4206 (1964).[LP]
Pat Thomas, "Moody's Mood", MGM [UK] #C-971 (196_).[LP]

Claus Ogerman arranged and conducted the tracks listed on the tracklist below.


Side 1

Baltimore Oriole (arr./cond. Ogerman)

I'm In The Mood For Love

Don't Wait Too Long (arr./cond. Ogerman)

The Cliff-Dwellers (arr./cond. Ogerman)

A Cottage For Sale (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Detour Ahead (arr./cond. Ogerman)


Side 2

Trouble Is A Man

Try A Little Tenderness


Stranger On The Shore

The Nearness Of You (arr./cond. Ogerman)

It Shouldn't Happen To A Dream

LINER NOTES (same on both versions of the LP):

Thomas-liners.JPG - Uncredited liner notes from the UK version of the LP.

Musician personnel: Pat Thomas, vocals; arrangers: Claus Ogerman, Lalo Schifrin, Billy Verplanck and Sammy Lowe. Other musicians not credited.

Produced by Creed Taylor.

Summer-yrs.JPG  Summer-yrs-b.JPG

Connie Francis, "In the Summer of His Years", MGM #E/SE 4210 (1963).[LP]
Recorded and released for the Benefit of the Kennedy Child Study Center.

Claus Ogerman arranged & conducted one track on this album (see tracklist).


In The Summer Of His Years (arr. Ogerman)

Bells of St. Mary


The Lord's Prayer

My Buddy

God Bless America

Ave Maria

Red River Valley

Danny Boy

True Love, True Love

Every Night

Aura Lee

Musician personnel: Connie Francis, vocals; Claus Ogerman, arranger/conductor. Other musicians uncredited.

Looking-for-love.JPG  Looking-for-love-b.JPG

Connie Francis, "Connie Francis Sings Songs From Her M-G-M Motion Picture 'Looking For Love'", MGM Records #E/SE 4229 (1964).[LP]

Claus Ogerman arranged and conducted the tracks indicated below.



Looking For Love (Rock & Roll Version) (arr./cond. Alan Lorber)

Whoever You Are I Love You (Vocal) (arr./cond. Ogerman)

When The Clock Strikes Midnight (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Rock Dem Bells (arr./cond. Ogerman)

This Is My Happiest Moment (arr./cond. Alan Lorber)

Be My Love (arr./cond. Ogerman)



Looking For Love (Jazz Version) (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Let's Have A Party (arr./cond. Ogerman)

I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Connie Francis-Lady Valet Theme (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Whoever You Are I Love You (Instrumental) (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Looking For Love (Reprise) (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Twin-pianos.JPG  Twin-pianos-b.JPG

Kurt Edelhagen and His Orchestra, "Concerto For Twin Pianos", MGM #E/SE 4230 (196_).[LP Reissue]
Contains arrangements (see tracklist) and an original work by Claus Ogerman ("Canadian Concerto").


Side A

Rhapsody in Blue

Warsaw Concerto

Side B

Canadian Concerto (Ogerman)

Exodus (Arr. Ogerman)

Brownstone Concerto (Arr. Ogerman)

LINER NOTES (by Weldon Manne):



Connie Francis, "Rocksides (1957-64)", MGM #_________ (recorded 8-30-63).[LP]
Claus Ogerman arranged and conducted the tracks "Whatever Happened to Rosemarie" and "My Best Friend Barbara".

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