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Claus Ogerman - Koch Schwann:


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Judith Blegen/Martin Katz, "Claus Ogermann - Johannes Brahms - Tagore Lieder", Koch Schwann #3140241 (1990).[CD]

Recorded at Columbia Recordings/Koch_Schwanntudios, New York City, NY.

Tracklist for Claus Ogermann Tagore-Lieder compositions:

Es war gerade an dem Tag

Der Tag ist schoen dahin

Zeit ist endlos, Herr

Das ist nun so


Er kommt

Letztes Lied

Tracklist for Johannes Brahms compositions:

Botschaft, Op. 47 No. 1

Lerchengesang, Op. 70 No. 2

Standchen, Op. 106 No. 1

Es hing der Reif, Op. 106 No. 3

Das Madchen, Op. 95 No. 1

An jeder Hand die Finger, Op. 65 No. 3

An eine Aolsharfe, Op. 19 No. 5

Der Jager, Op. 95 No. 4

Wiegenlied, Op. 49 No. 4

Personnel: Judith Blegen, Soprano; Martin Katz, Piano; Claus Ogermann, composer/arranger/conductor.

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Aaron Rosand, "Claus Ogermann - Works for Violin and Orchestra", Koch Schwann CD #3-6452-2 (1998).[CD]

Entire album composed, arranged and conducted by Claus Ogermann.


Sarabande-Fantasie Fur Violine Und Orchester

Preludio And Chant Fur Violine Und Orchester

I. Satz

II. Satz

III. Satz (Valse Lento)

IV. Satz


Rosand-liners-1.JPG - Description of works.

Rosand-liners-2.JPG - Description of works & Claus Ogermann bio.

Rosand-liners-3.JPG - End of Ogermann bio & Aaron Rosand bio.

Personnel: Aaron Rosand, violin; London Symphony Orchestra (track 2); National Philharmonic Orchestra (tracks 1 & 3); Claus Ogermann, composer/conductor.

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Fritz A. Cohen/Kurt Jooss, "The Green Table", Koch Schwann #365452 (1998).[CD]

This recording contains a work by Claus Ogermann (see tracklist below).


The Green Table by Fritz Cohen (Danse Macabre in eight scenes played by two pianos):

The Gentlemen in Black

The Farewell


The Refugees

The Guerilla

The Brothel

The Aftermath

The Gentlemen in Black


Music by Claus Ogermann for two Pianos:

I. Satz (Movement in the form of an Etude)

II. Satz (Movement)

LINER NOTES (in German and English):






Personnel: Claus Ogermann--composer, arranger; Fritz Cohen, composer; Piano Duo of Begona Uriarte and Karl-Hermann Mrongovious (for Ogermann work); Piano Duo of William Hilsley and Gunther Louegk (for Cohen work).


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