Violinist Gidon Kremer (left) and Claus Ogerman (standing, right)
at a recording session in Munich.


  Claus Ogerman - Horizon:

Almond.JPG  Almond-b.JPG

Jon Mark, Johnny Almond, "Other Peoples Rooms", Horizon #SP-730 (1978).[LP]

Tracks arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman are indicated on tracklist.


Side 1

The City

Girl On Table 4

You Look Just Like A Girl Again

Other Peoples Rooms (arr./cond. Ogerman)


Side 2

Lonely People

Just A Friend (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Then I Have You

Vivaldi's Song (arr./cond. Ogerman)



Musician personnel: Jon Mark - vocals, classical guitar, 12 string guitar; Johnny Almond - tenor sax, also sax; John Tropea - electric guitar, classical guitar; Leon Pendarvis - Fender Rhodes, concert piano; Will Lee - bass guitar; Steve Gadd, drums; Ralph McDonald - percussion; Larry Williams - synthesizer; Jerry Hey - flugelhorn; Claus Ogerman - arranger/conductor.

Produced by Tommy LiPuma.

 Citylights.JPG  Citylights-b.JPG

Dr. John, "City Lights", Horizon #SP-732 (1978).[Original LP]

Orchestrations by Claus Ogerman on selected tracks (see tracklist).


Side One

Dance The Night Away With You

Street Side

Wild Honey

Rain (arr./cond. Ogerman)


Side Two

Snake Eyes

Fire of Love

Sonata/He's A Hero

City Lights (arr./cond. Ogerman)



Musician Personnel:  Dr. John, vocals and keyboards; Steve Gadd, drums; Will Lee, bass; Richard Tee, keyboards; Hugh McCracken, guitar; John Tropea, guitar; Arthur Jenkins, percussion; Ronnie Cuber, bari sax; Charlie Miller, cornet; Barry Rogers, trombone; David Sanborn, alto sax; George Young, tenor sax; Background vocals:  Ronnie Barron, George Jones, Tammy Lynn, Alvin Robinson. Strings arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman. Rhythm and horn arrangements by Dr. John and Hugh McCracken.

Produced by Tommy LiPuma and Hugh McCracken.


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