Frank Sinatra, Claus Ogerman - 1967

Claus Ogerman - Hear Music/Rhino:

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Frank Sinatra, "Fly Me To The Moon", Hear Music/Rhino Special Products, #6211168487 (2005).[CD Compilation]

Contains "How Insensitive" and "I Concentrate On You", both arranged/conducted by Claus Ogerman and taken from the original album Francis Albert Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

From the booklet liner notes by David R. Legry:
5. How Insensitive

"Antonio Carlos Jobim single-handedly created bossa nova, influenced the entire American jazz world in the '60s, and also made more perfect pop in the style of MPB (Musica Popular Brasileira). Recorded at Studio One in 1967, this Jobim original, co-written by Norman Gimbel and Vinicius DeMoraes, features the sweetest melding of voices. It's the perfect meeting of masters as Sinatra smoothly navigates the tempos before Jobim joins with the same tenderness displayed by Frank.

12. I Concentrate On You

"Antonio Carlos Jobim's contribution as a composer to the world of music is unparalleled and can be likened to the musical impact that George Gershwin and Duke Ellington had. The two legends recorded together in 1967 for a full-length album and the results were magnificent. "I Concentrate On You" is a Cole Porter tune given the bossa flavor, with arranging and conducting duties undertaken by Claus Ogerman. Jobim adds his polished vocal support to Sinatra's precision, commandeering the tune in true bossa fashion. This was actually Sinatra's third recording of the song, and by far the best."

This compilation is a CD featured at Starbucks Coffee stores or through their Hear Music website.

Compilation produced for release by Timothy Jones.


Various Artists, "Jazz Signatures", Hear Music #__________ (2008).[CD Compilation]

This CD Compilation contains two tracks with Claus Ogerman involvement:

"Agua de Beber" - arranged/conducted by Claus;
"Bumpin' on Sunset" - arranged/conducted by Claus.

This compilation is a CD featured at Starbucks Coffee stores or through their Hear Music website.

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