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Claus Ogerman - Collectables Records:


Al Hirt, "Honey In the Horn"/"That Honey Horn Sound", Collectables #COL-CD 2749 (1999).[2-in-1 CD reissue].

Album "That Honey Horn Sound" arranged by Claus Ogerman and Anita Kerr.  Tracks that Claus Ogerman arranged & conducted are indicated below:

Complete tracklist for 2-in-1 CD:

I Can't Get Started


Man With A Horn


Night Theme

Talkin' 'Bout That River

Fly Me To The Moon

To Be In Love



Theme From a Dream

I'm Movin On

Fancy Pants

Danny Boy

Long Walk Home

Contrary Waltz

Fiddler On The Roof (arr./cond. Ogerman)

None But The Lonely Heart (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Alley Cat



Over the Rainbow

You Took Advantage of Me

Flowers and Candy

Musician personnel: Al Hirt, trumpet; Claus Ogerman, arranger/conductor; Anita Kerr, arranger; other musicians uncredited.

Drifters-2in1.JPG  Drifters-2in1-b.JPG

The Drifters, "Up On The Roof"/"Under The Boardwalk", Collectables #COL-CD-6211 (1998).[2-in-1 CD]

Klaus Ogerman arranged and conducted tracks on the album "Up On The Roof" (see tracklist).

Tracklist for "Up On The Roof":

Up On The Roof

There Goes My Baby

Sweet For My Sweet

The Magic Moment

Mexican Divorce (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Stranger On The Shore (arr./cond. Ogerman)

What To Do (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Save The Last Dance For Me

Lonliness Or Happiness

Another Night With The Boys

(If You Cry) True Love, True Love

Room Full Of Tears

When My Little Girl Is Smiling (arr./cond. Ogerman) **

Ruby Baby

Tracklist for "Under The Boardwalk":

Under The Boardwalk

One Way Love

On Broadway

Didn't It

I Feel Good All Over

Vaya Con Dios

Up On The Roof

Rat Race

In The Land Of Make Believe

If You Don't Come Back

Let The Music Play

I'll Take You Home

** Special Note: although this information differs from that found in the Ruppli Atlantic Records Discography (book), it has been confirmed by Claus Ogerman in a letter to this webmaster received May 5, 2004 that he was the arranger and conductor for this particular track.


Drifters-liner1.JPG - Liner notes from the 2-in-1 CD reissue by Marv Goldberg.

Drifters-liner2.JPG - Continuation of liner notes from the 2-in-1 CD reissue by Marv Goldberg.

Drifters-liner3.JPG - Continuation of liner notes from the 2-in-1 CD reissue by Marv Goldberg.

Drifters-liner4.JPG - Continuation of liner notes from the 2-in-1 CD reissue by Marv Goldberg.

Drifters-liner5.JPG - Continuation of liner notes from the 2-in-1 CD reissue by Marv Goldberg.

Burke-2in1.JPG  Burke-2in1-b.JPG

Solomon Burke, "If You Need Me"/"Rock 'n' Soul", Collectables #COL-CD-6225 (1998).[2-in-1 CD]
Contains tracks arranged and conducted by Klaus Ogermann in both albums (see tracklist).

Tracklist for "If You Need Me":

If You Need Me

Words (arr./cond. Ogerman)


Go On Back To Him (arr./cond. Ogermann)

I Said I Was Sorry (arr./cond. Ogermann)

It's All Right

Home In Your Heart

I Really Don't Want To Know

You Can Make It If You Try

Send Me Some Loving

This Little Ring

Tonight My Heart She Is Crying


Tracklist for "Rock 'n' Soul":

Goodbye Baby

Cry To Me (arr./cond. Ogermann)

Won't You Give Him (One More Chance)

Hard Ain't Hard

Can't Nobody Love You

Just Out Of Reach

You're Good For Me

You Can't Love 'Em All

Someone To Love Me

Beautiful Brown Eyes

He'll Have To Go

Musician personnel for "Cry To Me":  Solomon Burke, vocals; Leon Cohen (as); Jesse Powell (ts); Phil Kraus (vib); Hank Jones (p); Bob Mosley (org); Don Arnone, Al Caiola, Bucky Pizzarelli, Everett Barksdale (g); Art Davis (b); Gary Chester (d); Howard Roberts, David Vogel, Earl Rogers, Noah Hopkins, William Eaton, Sherman Sneed, Richard Kraus (vocals); Klaus Ogermann (arranger/conductor).

Drifters-save-goodlife.JPG  Drifters-save-goodlife-b.JPG

The Drifters, "Save The Last Dance For Me"/"The Good Life With The Drifters", Collectables #COL-CD-6417 (2000).[2-in-1 CD]
Contains material originally recorded in 1962 which was arranged/conducted by Claus Ogerman.

This 2-in-1 CD contains these tracks which Claus Ogerman arranged/conducted from the original album Save The Last Dance For Me: When My Little Girl Is Smiling and Mexican Divorce.


Various Artists, "Top Hits of the Sixties:  Amazing Hits", Collectables #_______ (2003).[CD Compilation]

Kai Winding's hit "More", arranged/conducted by Claus Ogerman is included in this compilation.

Gary-cd.JPG  Gary-cdb.JPG

John Gary, "The One and Only John Gary"/"That Warm And Tender Glow", Collectables #COL-CD-7320 75517487302 (2004).[2-in-1 CD]

The original LP "The One and Only John Gary" contains one track arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman (see tracklist). 
The original LP "That Warm and Tender Glow" contains one track arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman (see tracklist for that album).  This 2-in-1 CD contains both complete albums.

Tracklist for "The One and Only John Gary":

Side 1

The Song From Moulin Rouge
Scarlet Ribbons
Warm and Willing

Bumble Bee
There Goes My Heart

Side 2

A Quiet Thing
It Had Better Be Tonight
Joy In the Morning

Forget It
Once Upon A Summer Afternoon (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Tracklist for "That Warm and Tender Glow":

Side A

I'm Yours
That Warm and Tender Glow
Linger Awhile
Hang On To Me
Give Me This Moment

Side B

The Bell Rings
Soon I'll Wed My Love (arr./cond. Ogerman)
Live Young
Don't Throw The Roses Away

Musician personnel: John Gary, vocals; Pete King, David Gates, Claus Ogerman, Marty Gold, Charles Calello, arrangers/conductors. Other musicians not credited.

Nero-cd.JPG  Nero-cdb.JPG

Peter Nero, "I've Gotta Be Me"/"Summer of '42", Collectables #COL 7699 (released March 15, 2005).[2-in-1 CD]***

Claus Ogerman arranged and conducted the tracks indicated.

Tracklist from the original LP:

Side 1:

For Once In My Life (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Wichita Lineman (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Soulful Strut (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Scarborough Fair/Canticle (arr. Nero)

Rain in My Heart (arr./cond. Ogerman)

I Love How You Love Me (arr./cond. Ogerman)


Side 2:

I've Gotta Be Me (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Variations on the Theme Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da (arr. Ogerman & Nero)

Hey Jude (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero (arr./cond. Ogerman)

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (arr./cond. Ogerman)

***Special Note: On the 2-in-1 CD reissue there are two bonus tracks included:
"Lonely As I Leave You" and "Never Can Say Goodbye" - these are both previously unreleased tracks
- Claus Ogerman arranged/conducted "Lonely As I Leave You".

Musician personnel: Peter Nero, piano; Claus Ogerman, arranger/conductor.

CD Compilation Producer: Jeff James.

Last-tango-cd.JPG  Last-tango-cdb.JPG

Andre Kostelanetz, "Last Tango In Paris"/"Plays Great Hits Of Today", Collectables #COL-CD-7812 (2005).[2-in-1 CD Reissue]

The Collectables reissue contains a bonus track from each album's session not previously issued.

"Last Tango In Paris" contains tracks arranged by Claus Ogerman (see Tracklist below).

Tracklist for "Last Tango In Paris":

Side 1

Last Tango In Paris (arr. Ogerman)

Sweet Surrender (arr. Ogerman)

Me And Mrs. Jones



Living Together, Growing Together (arr. Ogerman)


Side 2

September Song

Oh, Babe, What Would You Say? (arr. Ogerman)

Hello Person (arr. Ogerman)

Love Theme From Lady Sings The Blues


Separate Ways

Personnel:  Arrangements edited by Teo Macero; Vocal background: Linda November.

Produced by Teo Macero.


Lesley Gore, "The Best of Lesley Gore", Collectables Records #COL-CD-8012 (2004).[CD Compilation]
This compilation contains tracks arranged/conducted by Claus Ogerman (see tracklist below).


It's My Party (arr./cond. Ogerman)

You Don't Own Me (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Look Of Love (arr./cond. Ogerman)

That's The Way Boys Are (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Brink Of Disaster

All Of My Life (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Magic Colors

California Nights

Maybe I Know (arr./cond. Ogerman)

Off And Running

What Am I Gonna Do With You

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Sam & Dave, "Hold On, I'm Comin'", Collectables #COL-CD-7756 (2006).[CD] credits the track "You Got It Made" to Mort Goode (lyrics) and Claus Ogerman (music).

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