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 Claus Ogerman - Carl Lindstrom Records (GmbH):

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Claus Ogerman und sein Orchester, Homer Dennison und sein Orchester, Laura & The Beachcombers, "Let The Music Play - Volume 1", Record manufactured by Carl Lindstrom, GmbH #F 60.418 (196_).[DJ Promo LP]

Tracks on this album are from various sources of Claus' previous work on the RCA Victor Label, including Latin Rock, Piano of João Donato - The New Sound of Brazil, Watusi Trumpets, and Soul Searchin'.

Tracks which involve Claus Ogerman participation as arranger/conductor:

(From Side 1)

One Step Above

It Didn't End

Watusi Trumpets


House Of The Rising Sun

Tell It As It Is (Ogerman)

Jungle Flower



Text on back cover of LP indicates that the entire album is a Claus Ogerman Production.

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