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Claus Ogerman - Boutique (JazzClub Series):

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Max Greger, "Hallo, Kleines Fräulein", Boutique (JazzClub Series) [Germany] #060249845696 (2007).[CD Compilation]
All material on this CD recorded between 1958 and 1965.

This CD compilation contains the following tracks which are arranged by Claus Ogerman:

Track 02 - "Du, Du, Du" (recorded 15 July 1959, Berlin)

Track 08 - "Das War in Schöneberg" (recorded 17 July 1959, Berlin)

Track 10 - "Kauf' Dir Einen Bunten Luftballon" (recorded 16 July 1957, Vienna)

Track 14 - "Ich Hab So Heimweh Nach Dem Kurfürstendamm" (recorded 14 July 1959, Berlin)

Track 15 - "Nachts Ging Das Telefon" (recorded 26 July 1957, Vienna)

Track 16 - "Gern Hab' Ich Die Frau'n Geküsst" (recorded 7 August 1959, Munich)

Track 17 - "Vilja-Lied" (recorded 7 August 1959, Munich)

Track 18 - "Wien, Du Stadt Meiner Träume" (recorded 7 August 1959, Munich)

Track 22 - "Wenn Der Weisse Flieder Wieder Blüht" (recorded 17 July 1959, Berlin)

Track 24 - "Erst Wenn's Aus Wird Sein" (recorded 7 August 1959, Munich)


Complete tracklisting, including original record label of origin and catalog number:


Compilation produced by Matthias Künnecke.


Kurt Edelhagen & His Orchestra, "Up, Up And Away - Kurt Edelhagen Plays The Hits Of Jimmy Webb", Boutique (JazzClub Series) [Germany] #060251739933 (2007).[CD Reissue]

This JazzClub Series reissue has its origins in the original Polydor LP
Kurt Edelhagen, "Kurt Edelhagen Plays Jimmy Webb" (listed and pictured elsewhere on this site) where Claus Ogermann is mentioned in the liner notes of that original LP.

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