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 Claus Ogerman - Bear Family Records (Germany) (continued):


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Lesley Gore, "It's My Party!", Bear Family [Germany] #BCD 15 742 (1994).[5-CD Boxed Set]

This boxed set contains Lesley Gore's complete Recordings/Bear_Family on the Mercury label, including those complete albums from the 1960s arranged and conducted for her by Claus Ogerman.  This extensive set includes unissued tracks, alternate tracks and tracks made for the international market in French and German.  There are two discs out of the five which contain no Claus Ogerman arrangements.

Also included in this set is the Claus Ogerman composition "It's Gotta Be You" in English and in German.

(All tracks in orange were arranged/conducted by Claus Ogerman**)

CD 1
CD 2
CD 3
CD 4
CD 5
Hello Young Lover
That's The Way Boys Are
Baby That's Me
Hold Me Tight
Ride A Tall White Horse
Something Wonderful
No Matter What You Do
Cry Like A Baby
98.6/Lazy Day
It's My Party
I'm Coolin', No Foolin'
Sunshine And Lollipops (alternate version)
Treat Me Like A Lady
Summer Symphony
Don't Deny It (previously unissued)
What Am I Gonna Do With You
Maybe Now
All Cried Out
The Party's Over
I Don't Wanna Be A Loser
It's All In The Game
The Bubble Broke
One By One
Judy's Turn To Cry
It's Gotta Be You (Ogerman, composer)
Love Look Away
California Nights
Wedding Bell Blues
Just Let Me Cry
Leave Me Alone
Let It Be Me
I'm Going Out The Same Way I Came
Got To Get You Into My Life
Don't Call Me
When Sunny Gets Blue
Goodbye Tony (You Don't Own Me) [German 45 rpm single]
Cry Me A River
The Look Of Love (alternate version, 45 rpm single)
What Am I Gonna Do With You
Love Goes On Forever
Musikant (Time To Go)

[German 45 rpm single]

I Would
The Look Of Love (LP version)
A Girl In Love
Summer And Sandy
So Sind die Boys Alle (That's The Way The Boys Are) [German previously unissued]
No More Tears
Wonder Boy
Just Another Fool
I'm Fallin' Down
Nur du Ganz Allein (It's Gotta Be You) (Ogerman, composer) [German 45 rpm single]
Cry And You Cry Alone
Secret Love (previously unissued)
My Town, My Guy And Me
Brink Of Disaster
Hab Ich das Verdient [German]
I Understand
Maybe I Know
Let Me Dream
On A Day Like Today
Der Erste Tanz [German]
Live And Learn
The Things We Did Last Summer
Where Can I Go
Little Little Liebling [German]
Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows
Sometimes I Wish I Were A Boy
Start The Party Again
You Sent Me Silver Bells
Sieben Girls [German]
What Kind Of Fool Am I?
Hey! Now
I Can Tell
I'm Fallin' Down
Tu T'En Vas (Time To Go) [French Extended Play Record]
If That's The Way You Want It
I Died Inside
I Won't Love You Anymore
He Won't See The Light
Je Ne Sais Plus (You Don't Own Me) [French 45 rpm single & Extended Play Record]
She's A Fool
Movin' Away
I Just Can't Get Enough Of You
Magic Colors
Je N'Ose Pas (Run Bobby Run) [French 45 rpm single & Extended Play Record]
I'll Make It Up To You
It's Just About That Time
Only Last Night
How Can I Be Sure
Si Ton Coeur Le Desire (If That's The Way You Want It) [French Extended Play Record]
The Old Crowd
Little Girl Go Home
Any Other Girl
To Sir With Love
Je Sais Qu'Un Jour (Maybe I Know) [French Extended Play Record]
I Struck A Match
Say Goodbye
I Can Tell
It's A Happening World
C'Est Trop Tard (Live and Learn) [French Extended Play Record]
Consolation Prize (previously unissued)
You've Come Back
To Know Him Is To Love Him
Small Talk
Eh! Non (Hey Now) [French Extended Play Record]
Run Bobby Run
I Just Don't Know If I Can (unknown arranger/conductor)
Young Love
Say What You See
Te Voila…(You've Come Back) [French Extended Play Record]
Young And Foolish
That's The Boy (previously unissued)
Too Young
He Gives Me Love (La La La)
Judy's Turn To Cry [Italian 45 rpm single]
Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)
All Of My Life
Will You Love Me Tomorrow
Brand New Me
You Don't Own Me [Italian 45 rpm single]
My Foolish Heart
What's A Girl Supposed To Do
We Know We're In Love
I Can't Make It Without You

That's The Way The Ball Bounces
Before And After
Yeah Yeah Yeah That Boy Of Mine
Look The Other Way

After He Takes Me Home (1 voice) (previously unissued)
I Cannot Hope For Anyone (unknown arranger/conductor)
That's What I'll Do
Take Good Care (Of My Heart)

After He Takes Me Home (2 voices) (previously unissued)
I Don't Care
Lilacs And Violets
I'll Be Standing By

You Don't Own Me (mono)
You Didn't Look 'Round
Off And Running

You Don't Own Me (stereo)

Happiness Is Just Around The Corner

You Name It

**Special Note: The print discography included with this boxed set indicates two more tracks arranged/conducted by Claus Ogerman which were "unissued/lost" by Mercury Records:

You've Let Yourself Go


Selected LINER NOTES by Dawn Eden and PRINT DISCOGRAPHY (researchers mentioned on page 1) from the boxed set which includes material about Claus Ogerman and his work with the artist:


CD Boxed Set Produced by Richard Weize.

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Vico Torriani, "Torriani Film-Treffer", Bear Family Records [Germany] #BCD 15 862 (1995).[2 CD Compilation Set]

This recording contains these three tracks arranged by Klaus Ogermann (see details below):

MOVIE POSTERS from this set where these tracks were featured:



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Vico Torriani, "Kalkutta Liegt Am Ganges", Bear Family Records [Germany] #BCD 15 863 (1995).[CD]

This recording contains these tracks written by Klaus Ogermann:  "La Musica Italiana", "Piano".

This recording contains this track arranged by Klaus Ogermann:  "Blaue Nacht in Mexico".

All three tracks have Tanzorchester Klaus Ogermann accompanying Vico Torriani.


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Gitta Lind, "Weisser Holunder", Bear Family Records [Germany] #BCD 15 868 AH (1995).[CD Compilation]

Claus Ogerman may have arranged the track "Weisser Holunder" on this compilation.

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