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 Claus Ogerman - Bear Family Records (Germany) (continued):



LOLITA, "Eine Sage erzählt. . .", Bear Family Records [Germany] #BCD 16 203 AH (1997).[CD Compilation]

Claus Ogerman may have arranged the track "Weisser Holunder" on this compilation.

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Willy Berking, "Solistenparade", Bear Family [Germany] #BCD 16 267 AH (1998).[CD Reissue]
This recording belongs to the dance orchestra of the radio of Hessia, Frankfurt - originally recorded July 16, 1970.

This recording contains an original Ogermann composition entitled "And Why Not", also arranged by Ogermann.

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Evelyn Künnecke, "Boogie Im Dreivierteltakt", Bear Family #BCD 16 040AH (1999).[CD Compilation]

Contains material originally recorded in 1953-58.

Contains the track "Du hast 'ne Ahnung" - music of which is composed by Claus Ogermann (see credits).

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Various Artists, "Das alte Forsterhaus", Bear Family #BCD 16 175 AR (1999).[CD Compilation]
Contains the Klaus Ogermann arrangement "Der stille Waldweg" performed by Alfons Bauer und die Zillertaler.

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