Claus Ogerman 78 rpm Records - Heliodor:

78_0031A.png  78_0031B.png

Otto Starr, "Im Himmel gibts kein Bier" / "Hab' ich einen Durst", Heliodor [Germany] #78 0031A/B (1956).[78 rpm record]
Klaus Ogermann arranged both sides of this record.


Reneé Franke and Das Orchester Lafayette, "Ich weiss, du kommst wieder", Heliodor [Germany] #78 0042B (1956).[78 rpm record]
Klaus Ogermann arranged "Ich Weiss Du Kommst Wieder".


Olive Moorefield, "Bongo Rock"/"Merci" (Stompin' At The Savoy), Heliodor [Germany] #78 0065A/B (1956).[78 rpm record]
Klaus Ogermann co-wrote "Bongo Rock" and also did this arrangement.

78_0071A.png  78_0071B.png

Die Colibris, "Die blaue Lagune Loana" / "Nachts in Honolulu auf Hawaii", Heliodor [Germany] #78 0071A/B (1956).[78 rpm record]


Das Orchester Johannes Fehring, "Hier ist Rock and Roll", Heliodor [Germany] #78 0080A/B (year unknown).[78 rpm record]

Klaus Ogermann composed "Bongo Rock" on the B Side.

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