Claus Ogerman 45 rpm Single Records - Heliodor:

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Heinz Maria Lins, "Ich War Nie Einsam" / "Es kommt im Leben wie es kommen muß", Heliodor [Germany] #45 0040 A/B (mono) (1956).[45 rpm single]

"Ich War Nie Einsam" is co-written by Claus Ogermann.


Renee Franke - Das Orchester Lavayette, "Ich Weiss Du Kommst Wieder", Heliodor [Germany] #45 0042 A/B (1956).[45 rpm single]

This track is arranged by Klaus Ogermann.

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[Germany Labels]

Olive Moorefield, "Bongo Rock"/"Merci" (Stompin' At The Savoy), Heliodor [Germany] #45 0065 A/B (1956).[45 rpm single]
Klaus Ogermann co-wrote "Bongo Rock" and also did this arrangement.


Die Colibris, "Die Blaue Lagune Loana", Heliodor [Germany] #45 0071 A/B (1956).[45 rpm single]

This track is co-written by Klaus Ogermann.


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Jimmy Makulis und Das Orchester Johannes Fehring, "Manuela" / "Conchita Mia", Heliodor Records [Germany] #45 0079 A/B (year unknown).[45 rpm single]

"Manuela" is co-written by Klaus Ogermann.

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Das Orchester Johannes Fehring, "Hier ist Rock and Roll", Heliodor [Germany] #45 0080A/B (year unknown).[45 rpm single]

Klaus Ogermann composed "Bongo Rock" on the B Side.


Frenchy.jpg  The_Shore_of_Love.jpg

Klaus [Ogermann] and His Orchestra, "Frenchy"/"The Shore of Love", Heliodor [Germany] #453 112 A/B (year unknown).[45 rpm single]

Both sides of this record were composed/arranged/conducted by Klaus Ogermann.

  Wonderful-land-uk.gif  The-shark-uk.gif

The Sheldons, "The Shark"/"Wonderful Land", Heliodor [Germany] #453 122 A/B (1962).[45 rpm single]

"The Shark" composed by G. Heigel aka Klaus Ogermann.
Klaus is also the uncredited producer of this single.

Other issues of this single are listed separately under their respective record labels.

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