Claus Ogerman Extended Play Records - Roulette

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[France Picture Sleeve]

Shawn Elliott, "Mr. Woe, Is Me":  "The Joker"/"Little Bird"/"The Girl In Bell Bottom Trousers"/"Josephine", Roulette (France) #VREX. 65039 (19__).[Extended Play Record]

"The Joker", "Little Bird", and "Josephine" arranged by Claus Ogerman.

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[France Picture Sleeve]

Shawn Elliott, "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues":  "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues"/"King of the Road"/"Sandie Is Her Name"/"Mama Look A Boo-Boo", Roulette #VREX. 65041 (19__).[Extended Play Record]

Claus Ogerman arranged "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues".

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[France Picture Sleeve]

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[France Labels]

Shawn Elliott, "Chante En Franšais":  "Josephine"/"Il Y Avait Un Oiseau"/"Ring Guidiguidiguiding"/"Tom Pouce Blues", Roulette [France] #VREX. 65043 (1966).[Extended Play Record]
Sung in French.

All tracks except
"Il Y Avait Un Oiseau" arranged by Claus Ogerman.

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