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Horst Fischer mit seinem Orchester, "König der Trompeter", Philips [Germany] #423 232 PE (19__).[Extended Play Picture Sleeve Record]
This extended play record contains this composition belonging to Klaus Ogermann:  "Erinnerung", aus dem Film Alle Sünden dieser Erde.

LINER NOTES (in German):


Lesley Gore, "Tu T'en Vas"/"Je Ne Sais Plus"/"Je N'ose Pas"/"Si Ton Coer Le Desire", Philips [France] #126.150 MCE (1964).[Extended Play Record]
Released for the market in France and recorded in New York under catalog numbers listed above.

Arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman.

Produced by Quincy Jones.

JERRY%20MURAD%20EP.jpg  JERRY%20MURAD%20EP%20003.png  JERRY%20MURAD%20EP%20001.jpg

Jerry Murad's Harmonicats, "Night Train", Philips [Holland] #435 217 BE (unknown year).[Extended Play Picture Sleeve Record]

Klaus Ogermann composed the track "Frenchy".

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