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Max Greger Combo, "Jump mit Max Greger" - containing these tracks: "Off And On"/"Soft"/"Tanya"/"Heavy Juice", Brunswick [Germany] #Br (G)EPC 10010 (1954).[Extended Play Record]

Max Greger Combo personnel:  Fritz Weichbrodt (tp); Max Buttermann (tb); Hugo Strasser (as); Max Greger (ts); Delle Haensch (bar); Klaus Ogermann (p); Hans Lehmann (b); Silo Deutsch (d).

LINER NOTES (uncredited) from the picture sleeve (IN GERMAN):


Recorded in Munich, Germany on July 3, 1954.

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[Germany Picture Sleeve]

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[Germany Labels]

Max Greger und sein Orchester, "Max & Sax", Brunswick [Germany] #10 057 (1956).[45 rpm Extended Play Record]

Klaus Ogermann's involvement in this EP record is documented below.


Max Und Sax
Looping Blues
Bajuvarian Jive
Dufte and Funky

From the liner notes on the back sleeve of the EP:

"Lutz Dietmar led his own orchestra for a long time before he joined Max Greger. He is his pianist, and was responsible for the arrangements and rehearsals. From him comes "Bajuvarian Jive." Klaus Ogermann was a former member of Greger's orchestra. Today he can't leave his composition and arranging desk and no longer has time to play on tour. He (Ogermann) wrote "Dufte And Funky", in which two themes are heard (with a Blues-Chorus). He was born in 1930 in Ratibor, and is one of the first musicians to come from there. As a singer he used the name Thomas Olsen."

Special Note: According to site research assistant Peter Bay, the liner notes above are not quite correct if we are to believe the listings at the top of the back cover of this EP. According to the back cover, Klaus arranged "Max & Sax" and "Looping Blues", composed and arranged "Dufte And Funky", was pianist on "Max & Sax" and "Dufte And Funky." Dietmar arranged only "Bajuvarian Jive" and was pianist on "Looping Blues" and "Bajuvarian Jive."

Max Greger Band personnel:  Fritz Weichbrodt, Freddy Brock (tp); Helmut Rink (tb), Lothar Nakat, Bobby Mende (as, cl); Max Greger (ts); Rolf Prinz (bar); Fred Artmair (g); Delmar Dakscha (b); Willy Schmidt (d); Klaus Ogermann (p); Hans Holzmann (vib).

Recorded in Munich in 1956.

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